Memoirs of K9 delights!

Memoirs of K9 delights!Moments of love, laughter and lament– that’s what Mr. and Mrs. Kumar experienced, alike all pet parents. The couple has been blessed with the company of K9 for the last four and a half decades. The couple bring alive some memories…

Life without doggies would have been incomplete for Vinod and his wife Anjali. The couple, now settled in Faridabad, have travelled extensively. Wherever they went, they were followed by a furry friend. “Our first pet dog was Polo, an Alsatian who came into our family more than four decades back,” remembered Vinod fondly.

The second member after Polo in the family was Tulu, a male Pomeranian, who was a cuddly lapdog. “I shower my love equally to all but my affection for little Tulu was exceptional,” told Anjali, expressing her extra fondness of small breeds. When the family moved to Nigeria in 1982-83, a furry female passenger on board flying to the African country with them was Roshni. “I gave her the name after actor Neetu (Singh) Kapoor’s bungalow with the same name located near our residence during our stay in Mumbai,” she added.

Arrival of F-members…

Polo, Tulu and Roshni were followed by new members in the family whose names are all commonly initiated with the letter ‘F’— Fry, Frosty and Frick—all have shared memorable times with the family. Each being very unique! “Fry was a watchful girl who had the habit of pushing our watchman to the gate,” told Vinod. He added, “Frick doesn’t want anybody around us. He particularly did not let Fry come near us.”

“Frosty was a gentleman who disliked bad manners,” told Vinod mentioning an incident when Frosty got angry with him. That day he and Frosty were on a stroll where they met some stray dogs rushing in to greet the latter. Fearing a brawl among them, Vinod attempted to shoo away the stray buddies by throwing roadside pebbles. His action made Frosty angry, since then, that stray pack became Frosty’s close friends, and among them was Tom, who became his companion.

Moments to cherish…

“Frick loved to dip his mouth into food in search of meat chunks, resulting in a lovely but funny face,” remembered Vinod. Frosty loved to roll on bed, which was not allowed by Anjali at all. So it was Vinod who used to pamper him up, whenever the door creaked downstairs, Frosty would easily sense Anjali’s arrival and jumped out to lie down on the floor as though he had been there all the time.

Frick was also very naughty and was an expert in hiding the maid’s slippers in the garden. “He would bury the footwear and then sits silently as if nothing has happened,” told Vinod laughingly. Vinod appreciates how Frick helped him to maintain his fitness. “As a routine, we two used to walk around 7-8 km everyday,” he mentioned.


They are gone and the pain of losing each member has been immense. Frosty died recently due to electric shock by a live wire which fell in their garden one rainy day. Frick was really saddened and hid in an isolated place for a long time after Frosty’s death,” told Anjali sadly.

Frosty’s death was shocking not only to his family but also to everyone around including Tom. “Tom refused to come to our place after the untimely demise of Frosty,” told Vinod. Keeping a pet is a great matter of responsibility. Recalling the past, Vinod wishes they had more knowledge on canine health care – some sad situations could have been prevented.

Message of love…

As pawssionate pet parents, Vinod and Anjali wish to deliver a message of love to everyone. “Dogs want to give love to us. So, we should return love to them too,” said Vinod. In the same tune, Anjali agrees that dogs are not opportunists. “They are devoted to help others and are ready to sacrifice for them,” she mentioned. “Beyond all that hugging and kissing, we should develop an inner feeling of relationship with them,” said Anjali.

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