My pets choose me!

My-pets-choose-me!Six years ago, we acquired our first pet, the breeder showed us litters of different breeds…but we immediately fell in love with a brindle Boxer pup – as we went to pick her up, another head popped up from under the basket – it was a fawn colour Boxer pup. The breeder told us that these two were the last of the litters left, a pair of sisters. We adored both! When we went to take them we only got Cookie (our fawn baby)–which made us sad but as we were leaving something brushed against our legs – looking down and a beautiful Rottweiler pup had found us, he chose us and became a part of our family. He was named Tarzan our new member…

We are now blessed with three pets all of whom were destined to be with us and all of them choose us to do so …

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