“Paw-Tails” l July-Aug-05

Sharing my life with two lil’ darlings
Thinking of the happiest day in my life, reminds me of the instance when I was asked to write down my happiest day in my life in a slam book. At that time, I wrote that I was still waiting for it and was absolutely sure that it will come soon.
Soon after that, my school closed down for Christmas holidays. A day after Christmas, my parents told my brothers and me that they were going to help a friend to look for a suitable computer and asked us to accompany them. As we thought it would be a boring affair, we decided not to accompany them. In the afternoon, when they came back, they were carrying a little basket with a tiny brown thing in it. To our utter surprise, we soon discovered that there was a cute lil’ adorable Cocker Spaniel pup. She felt at home from the very beginning and immediately waddled around the living room, stealing our hearts.
When my school started, I rewrote the slam book, citing my happiest moment as how Sandy, our Cocker, came into our family.
Today, we have Sandy for over 3 years and a new addition Kali, who complete our family.
–Rosanna D’souza, Goa