“Paw-Tails” l July-Aug-05

Beating the heat!!
Who says dog is man’s best friend. Let me tell you, Oscar is a fair weather friend. With the mercury skyrocketing, Oscar sleeps in Nandita’s room where the temperature is 5 degrees below our bedroom (Nandita uses an air cooler) and when he feels cold he abandons her and ventures into our room. When it gets even hotter and we start to use our air conditioner, I can imagine which way his loyalty would swing. He also likes to poke his nose into the refrigerator not because he has any interest in the food but because it’s thanda thanda cool cool. Oscar perhaps doesn’t know that most of Delhi is facing a major water crisis. He spills his drinking water and enjoys his hourly swims. The neighbours are not going to be happy if they found out about his wet and wild behaviour. Not all dogs are as resourceful as Oscar. This is what you could do to help your dog survive the summer: Get an extra tanker of water from municipal authorities. Keep the refrigerator door open at all times. Trim your dog’s mane. During load shedding, take your dog for a long drive in your AC car. When indoors remove the dog’s collar, it’s like you wearing a tie at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Avoid sticking to your dog, I don’t think they would appreciate it in this weather. There are other ways of showing that you care. And if you are suffering from the scorching heat, you could train your dog to wag his tail vigorously when there is no electricity. Believe me it works like a hand held fan. Please do not try this if you have a Doberman or Spaniel! All the best, save electricity and water.
–Sadhvi Narang Mathur