“Paw-Tails” l May-June-2005

A journey of friendship

I still remember the cold winter day when I picked up Sainik, a golden Labrador, from a farmhouse near my house. At first, I was very apprehensive about whether I will be able to take care of a small delicate life with my own hectic work schedule. But the instant I whistled and called him, he came running on his wobbly unsure feet and placed his head on my lap as if saying that he had already accepted me as his partner. That day and till today its been a journey of friendship and utmost dedication. He understands me completely and gets to know exactly when I am happy, irritable or sad. He diligently waits every morning for his daily walks. When I’m down with the burdens of daily life, he comes quietly and sits beside me with his tail ever wagging as if trying to cheer me up saying, “Come on! Alpha! Life is not that bad. Get up and face the challenges of life.” Looking into his large black eyes, I get the motivation and thank God for his selfless love which is totally incomparable.
– Bikram, Gurgoan