“Paw-Tails” l May-June-2005

Keeping the love alive!

We had two beautiful dogs, a Chow-Chow named ‘Jhu Jhu’ and a curly haired Golden Retriever called ‘Satin’. Unfortunately, we lost them within a month of each other. Our family was completely shattered and could not think of keeping another dog.
I was the only one who insisted on getting another dog and despite all opposition one day I walked in with a pup! My parents had a look at him and melted down, as he was the most gorgeous – silver grey colour with blue eyes. The reluctance to have another dog flew out of the window. However, my mother was appalled as to where we were going to keep him as I had given my heart to a Napolitan Mastiff! He grew huge and at 5 weeks when I got him, he was already 8.5 kgs.
Anyways, he was christened ‘Duke’ and has grown to be a thoroughly spoilt royalty. My father doen’t likes dogs on the bed but this one insists on sleeping on his bed (between my parents) and when my father throws tantrums, he beseechingly puts his huge head on his feet saying, “Please let me be!” and cuddles up to him. Dad pretends to be angry but finally gives in!
Though we miss Jhu Jhu and Satin very much, Duke has brought back a lot of joy and happiness into our lives but God only knows what is in store for us as this gentle giant at 5 months, weighs about 30 kgs and already reaches the dining table. Nevertheless, he is our huge bundle of joy.
– Namrata Chandra, Noida