“Paw-Tails” l Sep-Oct-2005

The gentle giants
I love Great Danes and have two as my family members. They are Ch. Kaizer (fawn, male, 15 months) and Ch. Liza (fawn, female, 15 months). My parents are extremely fond of them. I recently had a slip disc and was bed-ridden for almost five months. During this time, I had nothing to do but just lie down with unbearable pain. This is where my pets played a major role. Both Kaizer and Liza gave me 24-hour company and made me laugh with their sweet antics. I murmured about my pains in their ears and they listened with great attention. Whenever I moaned in pain, they came running to me and licked me until I laughed. I was simply touched with their thoughtfulness. All that time of pain flew easily with my Gentle Giants by my side.
The thing I like most about them is how they guard the house, not letting any stranger nearby and on the other hand socialising with anyone sitting with us, as if they know them since ages. On the whole, they are darlings and I love them dearly.
– Sahil Grover, Delhi