“Paw-Tails” l Sep-Oct-2005

We love you Laika!!
Laika was an abandoned dog whose ladylike mannerisms and gentle disposition appealed to me and so I brought her home. Over this, my aunt warned, “Either that dog lives in this house or I do!” My mother also reproached me for the dharamsankat. While the next morning, I saw my aunt gingerly patting Laika, asking ”Kya khayegi? Omelette aur bread?” Thereafter, Laika adopted my aunt and in no time, the two of them got along fine and we soon had a roly-poly Laika waddling around the house.
“If the dog is fat, the owner isn’t getting enough exercise,” chided the vet, but my dad especially felt sorry for her and so her walks were restricted to 20-minute strolls down the lane. Laika spent her days leading a life of happy inertia, barking at crows twice a day for exercise.
One morning, she woke the household very vociferously at 4.30 am looking out, howling loudly, barking, crying, whimpering and making all kinds of noises.  I took her down for an early morning walk. She was followed by two dogs who weren’t exactly handsome specimens either but both were besotted by her. I accused her of not having taste but then I had to chaperone her strictly and my love sick loony Laika behaved like a complete tragedy queen. I realised that Laika was looking for affection, which we could not provide. Luckily, that phase passed out soon and due to some health reasons, she had to be sterilised.
Today, Laika is enjoying a life of sluggish lethargy and we all love her for her sweet disposition.
–Sunita Kripalani, Mumbai