“Paw-Tales” l July-Aug 2004

Blackie – the macho
Animals have their on way of reaching your hearts and Blackie, our pet dog is no exception. He came to us as a small little black pup on a frosty cold winter morning, two years back. We spotted him shivering between the flower pots at our front door. We gave him something to eat and since then, he has been in our house. We feel that it was Blackie who adopted us!! Blackie has a silky black coat. And the name Blackie struck to us as apart from his mouth, chest, paws and the tip of his tail, he is all black. Moreover, black is the most dramatic colour in any composition and we feel his composition is the best. People are often scared with this huge black creature but behind his huge body is a soft and friendly heart. His most amazing aspect is his speed with which he can run. He can keep up with any moving object like a car, scooter or an auto. He is a child at heart, often enjoying playing with mud. We often find him full of mud, waiting to be cleaned! What sometimes bother is the look I often get from people who ask if he is a stray but Blackie has learned to maintain his cool. He is the world for us and nothing can deter the love we have for him. Blackie has inspired me to do something for dogs. I often dream of setting up a dog’s hostel and a parlour for dogs, irrespective of their breeds. Maybe some day I and Blackie will find this dream come true. –Radha Spolia