“Paw-Tales” l July-Aug 2004

Taking me by storm Storm Front Batra, a German shepherd puppy,  came to us at a time when I was not ready to look at the possibility of another four-legged friend, having just recently lost our beloved four years Dobermann Nero to kidney failure. My husband suggested we go to our friend’s pet shop to “play with the puppies” to cheer ourselves up. That decision was  to enrich our lives forever…
At the pet shop, it was the dark uncontrollable German shepherd pup who  caught  my  attention  and  heart and  I thought of him  that night and the next night and the night after. My amused husband lovingly christened him Storm Front Batra on day three. Storm was two months old and he came to us exactly three days after Nero’s death.
Used to greeting me with a gigantic jump each time I got back home, all this had to be changed once I got pregnant. On the first day back from the doctor, I took his two paws in my hand and explained to him how “ mummy had a baby in her stomach” and his jumping could hurt it.  It was like we had made a connection that afternoon, till date Storm has never greeted me with a jump again. A loving wag, a kitty brush and wet slurps, yes, but never a jump again!
In the past four years, Storm has been the center of our universe, the universe shifting slightly  after the birth of our first child but once again firmly in place today.
Storm  – the love of our lives is totally intimidated by our two and a half year old daughter. Scared by her fidgetiness and her whisker pulling, he steers clear of her path, clearly terrified of her hands, he charges to me for total protection.
As I write, Storm is trying to nudge a biscuit off Ameera, not managing to get a bite in without dropping his ball which is tightly secured in his mouth, aaah life is back to normal.
And I, his Mama, bask in this glory.
–Aparna Batra