“Paw-Tales” l May-June-2006

Sun, Sand, Sea… and Sundar!!!
Sundari- as the name suggests, is our beautiful 9-month-old GSD girl. She accompanied us to our trip to Goa, and we all had a gala time. We had many memorable incidents that are worth sharing. We all went by car. She slept on the lap of my friend all the way to Goa while I ended up sleeping in the rear of the car.
Early morning she enjoyed her breakfast at Countryside hotel. The caretakers were very friendly and gave us a cottage with a small lawn so Sundari could roam around freely and play football with the girls. For lunch, a whole plate full of 6 mackerels was laid in front of her, which she polished off in minutes.
While some of us would hit the sack early, my friends and Sundari would drive down to check beach parties, small parties in the shacks along the beach happening at Vagador and Baga, late in the night. They would then have some dessert at Café Coffee Day and come back at 4 am only to receive a sound scolding. Sundari loved the beach and ran around in circles to show us how happy she was to be there. She never gave us a chance to complain and was at her best.
At our ancestral house in a small village in Goa, Sundari had loads of fun. She went with us for morning swimming sessions and played with the river streams. One morning the river was in full force and Sundari decided to jump in while we remained on the banks. She swam hard but went out of sight after she was sucked in by the speed of the water. And even before we could stop screaming, the little devil was bouncing up and down the rocks coming towards us. She had scared us out of our wits. She enjoyed the meal consisted of chicken, curd and rice, after having that, she loved to doze-off till late evenings.
Later in the beginning of 2005 we brought home another dream – Rewa, our first ever Labrador. Sometimes innocent, sometimes mischievous, their cute and lovable antics have filled our lives with more fun and joy. They are let loose twice a month at Gorai beach and twice a month at our farmhouse. One thing that we all are looking forward is more holidays with Sundari…for sure!
– Mugdha A M