“Paw-Tales” l Nov-Dec-2006

Me, myself and Mopsy
There are some bonds in life, which are truly eternal, as our bonding with Mopsy, our pet dog. Before Mopsy, we had a pet, who we loved, and when he passed away, we all were heartbroken. Since then, we’d decided not to have pets. But like all good things, Mopsy made his way into our home and eventually to our hearts.
Mospy was lying uncared and unattended on the streets, when my grandchildren found him and started feeding him secretly with a part of their lunch and dinner. It continued for sometime. When one morning, in the absence of my grandchildren I saw Mopsy at my doorstep, waiting for his angels to give him food, his eyes were gleaming with anticipation. This lean and weak creature was looking up to me for help. Forgetting all the past incidents, I picked him up and brought him home.
My family and neighbourhood were not very happy with my decision. Against all odds, with the help of my vet I nursed him back to health. And till date, I ensure he gets periodical preventive care and all his records are maintained.
Surprisingly, much to our delight, Mopsy has now become, in a way, the pet of our entire neighbourhood. And we all shower our love and
care on him.
– Venkatram Shrinivas