“Paw-Tales” l Nov-Dec 2006

His Highness Brandy
We all remember days and dates for some or the other reasons, as I fondly remember 21st December. It was the day, when happiness entered into our lives. If I had to describe, I would say it to be a mass of fur with black dotted eyes and a tiny little wet nose. Brandy, my Golden Labrador Retriever came into our lives as a surprise and even more surprisingly became the head of the family in the time to come.
Brandy – our little bundle of joy is just like any other human, with his own likes and dislikes. The one person who means the world to Brandy is his Mom, actually our Mom. According to Brandy, we are siblings and he is the elder one, thus have more right on Mamma’s love!
When he comes for food…Brandy again has his own signature style. He loves curd and if we try to have it without him, which is rather impossible because you will find him nudging you for his share! He needs to know everything about the household activities. If we get something new or discard something old…Brandy’s permission is a must!! At night, you must be wondering where does he sleep..?? Actually, I wonder, where do I sleep! He spreads himself out and sleeps as though it’s his bed and I most of the times end up making the floor my bed.
Brandy is the giant who is a baby by heart! He is someone without whom our family is indeed incomplete!!!
– Suranjana Birla