“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Simba and me… in this beautiful world…green grass, blue sky…

Simba and me are inseparable, and true to his Pug spirit, he always follows me, wherever I go. He is a sweet inimitable monster yet an adorable Pug. I named him after “The Lion King” because I always thought him to be our little lion. Simba is a bundle of energy and joy for the whole family. Ready to pounce on any moving or colorful object, he is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.
Pugs are famous for their well-behaved and docile nature, but Simba is an exception. He keeps us on our toes and I feel that he is miles away from being docile.  His quest for food is never ending and for him everything from socks to toys is EDIBLE! He is a powerhouse and that person must be a genius, who can match his enthusiasm for life.
He loves cuddling up next to me and follows me like a lamb. Simba is the love of our lives and we feel, that his ‘no-matter-what-keep-going’ attitude acts as a biggest stress buster for all of us and we all love having him as a part of our family!
– Nidhi