“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Harry Pawtter and splits of laughter

No words can explain the fun and excitement of having a pet, it’s an experience that needs to be felt. And I am lucky to have the exuberance of the same. But I was quite reluctant in the beginning as I was of the opinion that it would be an added responsibility.  Good things always make way for themselves and my kids Viraj and Vashisht convinced me to bring home, their new companion and my third kid – Harry.
Harry, a Lhasa Apso has filled our lives with so much of fun, right from the first day. His cute looks and naughty antics won our hearts in no time. All of us treat him like a small kid in the house; he even accompanies my kids to school in the morning. We have to just murmur, “Harry, school jaana hai?”, and in a flick of a second, we will find Harry at the entrance door, waiting for us to come, with an oh!-what-takes-you-so-long look.
My husband and me have to travel for work so when he sees me packing, he gets upset and follows me everywhere. And once we are back, he is simply uncontrollable. He keeps scratching our luggage till the time we open our suitcase and give him his gift. But we all feel he is our biggest gift.
He is our real 24 x 7 companion, and we all regret the unavailability of good pet parks in our locality, where he can have all the fun and masti.
– Diksha Bhatia, Kolkata