“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Marshal stop it…
for tomato’s sake!

Life goes on, we all were heartbroken when our loving pet, Dennis-a Lhasa Apso, passed away in a tragic accident. Life seemed difficult, until my sister Neha and dad got, Marshal-a standard Poodle imported from Russia, home.  We immediately fell in love with this palm sized black cotton ball.
He is a fun loving enthusiast, who always keeps us on our toes. Some of his habits are quite unusual; he loves eating fresh fruits and all vegetables, especially tomatoes. He takes bribe from every vegetable seller who passes by and they all love him so much that when Marshal doesn’t comes out to take his share of tomato, they specially give it to our house help and by chance if they forget to give the entry fee to him, he starts singing along with them till he is not paid. He is the next Himesh Reshamia in making…a new rock star on the block.
– Manish