Pawkids Corner | Nov Dec 07

All you kiddies out there, we would love to know more about you and your dog. Do write in your poems, short stories or anecdotes of your loving doggy and see them splash here. Here’s the checklist of information we would love to have.


All about my buddy :

My Name is : Abhirami Murlipawkid

My Buddy’s Name : Raisen

My Buddy’s Breed : German Spitz

My Buddy’s Age : 4 Years

My Buddy is : Female

My Buddy’s favorite treats :Doggy Biscuits

My Buddy’s funniest habit : Wherever i go she follows and sits next to me.

My Buddy’s first love : Its me

My Buddy loves to sleep on : the chair

My Buddy and food : She enjoy eating bread and milk for breakfast

Celebrity my Buddy resembles the most : Operah Winfrey

Your character certificate to Buddy will say : Extremely Loyal

A song you would like to dedicate for your Buddy :
The song i hav written about Raisen

Raisen… never leave me alone..
Raisen ..she’s a puppy
So cute and very fluffy
She cuddles up to me.
She’s my friend, cant you see?
How adorable she looks
When she comes and licks my foot
Always and far ever
Raisen and I together
Her fur is silly and white
She drives me crazy all night
Now i will never let Raisen out of my sight

BUDDY and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of activity we like doing the most : Running, Playing and sitting together

What both of us indulge doing on most Sundays : Posing for photos and she always enjoys running after me or my cycle

What is the best trick I have taught her : To play hide and seek