Deepak Tijori

024Most of us remember Deepak Tijori for his vibrant and friendly performances in Bollywood flicks like Aashiqui or Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar. This talented actor is now well-known for his cinematic skills; he is wonderful in every role – be it actor, director or producer. Here Dogs & Pups brings other lesser known facets of his personality…an avid animal lover and a proud pooch parent.

Deepak Tijori started his acting career with a small role in Krodh and gradually he became a famed supporting actor of Bollywood with memorable performances in superhit movies including Aashiqui, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Anjaam and Baadshah. He has acted in 35 films. He then moved into directing too.

Growing with a doggy…

That’s not all about Deepak Tijori. In conversation with him, we discovered more about his love for animals. “Actually, my mom had a pet dog, and so I was introduced to pets by her,” he said.

His life must be great… growing with pooch pals, to which he replied, “Yes it was, but once I lost my first pet, I was averse to having another pet, since it hurts to lose someone so close, and specially when the pet becomes a part of your life. So I dropped the idea once I lost my first pet Niki!”

Always a dog lover…

As they say once a dog lover always a dog lover. The credit for this positive change goes to his loving wife Shivani, who’s also a great pooch lover. “Shivani had a pet dog, when she was in Delhi, but once we were married, we didn’t have a pet until our daughter Samara was growing. It was then that we thought pets would be the best sibling experience a single child could have, and so we got our first pet Frazer (male Basset Hound). And today we have two pets, both Bassets – Frazer (male) and Muffin (female),” he shared.

All are best…

Who’s the best of all… and here comes a diplomatically correct answer, “Pets per se are favourites. I never really bothered about any particular breed or any particular animal as a pet. I know friends who have cats, and small tortoise, etc. I think a pet becomes a family member no sooner he/she arrives into your life,” he shared.

Everyday’s PAWfect…

Life is wonderful being a pet parent, as he explained, “Frazer and Muffin are our kids, and I guess waking up with them, and holding them to sleep are special moments that we share daily. And there are so many beautiful experiences that we have everyday like when Frazer crawls, or he is asked to shut the door (he does it so well) or when he wants food, he gets on his two legs…and many more loving antics.” Sharing more about the qualities of his pet, Deepak remarked, “Their understanding towards the members and strangers, their emotional attachment towards all of us, and their want of sharing emotions – all are truly amazing but the best is that they always want to be with the family, and not just laze around on their own.”

“And Frazer just loves me to keep soothing and pampering his paw, while he lazes under my chair or on bed with me. He falls asleep once I start pampering his paw,” he added.

Thought for food…

On asking about pet’s exercise and nutrition needs, or who looks after them, he gave an instant reply, “They do their regular walks, and run in the compound and their nutrition is well balanced. Strangely Frazer and Muffin, unlike other pet dogs, eat so many things that surprises us, like they would eat fruits with me, be it a water melon, melons, apple, papaya, etc. and also some salad which I eat, post my workouts. Food is what Frazer and Muffin are perpetually hungry for – they love it all.”

Precious paws…

On asking about a special treat for their dogs, Deepak replied, “I guess a get-together in the house is a treat for them, since that day, not just us, but even our guests are feeding them all kinds of food.”

“We also take them out for vacations. When we travel to beach resorts around Mumbai, like Gorai islands, or when we travel through a small ferry to go across, they accompany us. Once out, they run on an open beach with the white dry sand. And this really makes Frazer and Muffin life worth living, I feel,” he added. On a concluding note, he has just a one liner, “Pets are family, so keep them as members of the family.”

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