Looking after your pet’s teeth is just as important as looking after your own! Unfortunately, though every pet parent appreciates the need for dental care, most pets do not receive adequate attention for their dental needs. In this, Bharat International is attentive and has a solution—PlaqueOff Animal. This oral formula from Swedish company SweDenCare AB is a long-term solution for oral hygiene problems in pets and results are usually seen after three to eight weeks of daily use.

John Leonard, MD of UK distributor Swedencare, said they welcome this new packaging design of PlaqueOff Animal as it refreshes the brand, and they believe this will drive the range forward. He further added that the new packaging embraces the heritage of the product, by incorporating the traditionally Swedish blue and yellow combination. Made up of dried and milled acsophyllum nodosum (D1070), a type of seaweed found in the unpolluted water of the North Atlantic, PlaqueOff Animal is a very cost-effective way to control bad breath, plaque and tartar build-up among pets. A 60g pot of PlaqueOff Animal for cats and small dogs lasts up to 12 months. For further information, visit: www.swedencare.co.uk