Small is beautiful

If you are looking for a pal, Japanese Chin is the right choice for you as this is the breed whose sole purpose is to serve as a companion to man.

Japanese Chin is an amazing breed. When they get excited, many will do something called ‘Chin Spins’. This isbreed profile when they whirl around in excitement when they see their pet parents or are getting ready for a game or car ride. Many Chins also inherit the ability to vocalise in almost a human fashion when happy or excited. This is called woo woo’ing, and no written description can do justice to how endearing this is. It sounds like the dog is actually talking to you. Here’s more on this lovely breed.

Stylish and small…

Japanese Chin is a small, well balanced, lively, aristocratic toy dog with a distinctive Oriental expression. Light and stylish in action! The plumed tail is carried over the back, curving to either side. The coat is profuse, silky, soft and straight. The dog’s outline presents a square appearance. They are found in various colours like black and white, red and white, or black and white with tan points (tricolour).

Japanese Chins have a small amount of white showing in the corner of their eyes and this gives them the desired look of astonishment. To look into their eyes is almost like looking at the face of a human.

Cat-like demeanour…

A properly bred Chin is a delightful companion. You will hear many fanciers refer to them as cat-like because of their dignified demeanour, ability to climb to high places, and lack of a ‘doggy smell’. Some Chins may be reserved with strangers, but with those they love and trust, they are an exceedingly loving and amusing companion.

Living with them…

Chins are an easy breed to live with. They can be trained to use a litter box to relieve themselves, and love being around other animals, especially other Chins. They are for the most part a very quiet breed and not yappy or annoying in any way.

While they can do well with mature, well-behaved children, Japanese Chin can be a sensitive breed, so most likely would do better in a home with no small children. If they do live with children, they should be taught to treat the dogs with care and respect to avoid either physical or emotional trauma.

Wash and wear breed…

Japanese Chins are often referred to as a ‘wash and wear’ breed. This is because a Chin with the correct, silky textured coat is very easy to groom whether for the show ring or home. Their coat should be combed or brushed in sections to ensure every strand is attended to so mats are prevented. Special care should be given to the area behind the ears as this is a prime spot for mats or knots to form. Toenails should be clipped regularly, because Chin is a heavily-coated, drop ear breed and their ears must be kept as clean and dry as possible to prevent infection.

Japanese Chins do shed and especially the intact she-dogs can lose a lot of coat after heat cycles and puppies. This is not a breed for someone who does not want fur in the house!

Puppy care…

Puppy care for Japanese Chin is similar to that of any puppy. A quality food, regular vet care, a warm place to sleep, lots of socialising and introduction to new things. It’s almost important to note that as with any toy breed, it is vital that a Japanese Chin puppy is given regular meals to prevent from hypoglycaemic or low blood sugar problem.

Games they play…

Japanese Chins enjoy outdoor time and short walks, but because of their flat nose, it is important they are not over-exerted or taken on strenuous walks, especially in hot or humid weather. They love playing indoors, chasing toys or enjoying tug of war game with their mates. Some Chins have gone on to enjoy wonderful careers in agility and obedience.

Health care…

For the most part, Japanese Chin is a healthy breed without an abundance of hereditary issues. As with many toy breeds, they should be regularly checked for heart health, and special care should be given to protect their large, prominent eyes from injury.

(Scott Toney owns Midwood Japanese Chin kennel in North Carolina. He breeds and shows Japanese Chins).

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