“Paw-Tales” l Nov-Dec 2006

We all in our lives need a friend, who can share our moments of joy,
sorrow, victory or defeat, without whom fun in our life is put to an end.

Even I needed such a friend, a friend who can my messed life mend.
And when I found Snowey and Lalu as my pets,
my search for that friend was put to an end.

They appeared to me as angels whom God had sent.
With them all my time, which I had spent for them may never end.
In my life both of them have happiness spread, they both are my best friends!
– by Trupti Vinay Satam

“Paw-Tales” l Nov-Dec 2006

His Highness Brandy
We all remember days and dates for some or the other reasons, as I fondly remember 21st December. It was the day, when happiness entered into our lives. If I had to describe, I would say it to be a mass of fur with black dotted eyes and a tiny little wet nose. Brandy, my Golden Labrador Retriever came into our lives as a surprise and even more surprisingly became the head of the family in the time to come.
Brandy – our little bundle of joy is just like any other human, with his own likes and dislikes. The one person who means the world to Brandy is his Mom, actually our Mom. According to Brandy, we are siblings and he is the elder one, thus have more right on Mamma’s love!
When he comes for food…Brandy again has his own signature style. He loves curd and if we try to have it without him, which is rather impossible because you will find him nudging you for his share! He needs to know everything about the household activities. If we get something new or discard something old…Brandy’s permission is a must!! At night, you must be wondering where does he sleep..?? Actually, I wonder, where do I sleep! He spreads himself out and sleeps as though it’s his bed and I most of the times end up making the floor my bed.
Brandy is the giant who is a baby by heart! He is someone without whom our family is indeed incomplete!!!
– Suranjana Birla

“Paw-Tales” l Nov-Dec 2006

Getting Lucky with him
I always wanted a pet dog and used to pester my dad for having one. My dad
with concern used to advise me about
the commitment and care, our four-legged companion demands. One needs to shower extra care, love and affection on the canine family members.
Big Daddy’s words helped me a lot as I became responsible and was ready for Lucky – my Labrador. This adorable Lab filled our lives with tremendous amount of fun and frolic. It’s only after having him as my cool companion; I realized my responsibilities towards him.
We spend great afternoons together and with each passing day our companionship grows more stronger. To express my love and affection for him in one line, I would say ‘I feel luckiest to have Lucky’.
– Vaibhav

Dogs and Pups, November December 2006 Issue

“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Harry Pawtter and splits of laughter

No words can explain the fun and excitement of having a pet, it’s an experience that needs to be felt. And I am lucky to have the exuberance of the same. But I was quite reluctant in the beginning as I was of the opinion that it would be an added responsibility.  Good things always make way for themselves and my kids Viraj and Vashisht convinced me to bring home, their new companion and my third kid – Harry.
Harry, a Lhasa Apso has filled our lives with so much of fun, right from the first day. His cute looks and naughty antics won our hearts in no time. All of us treat him like a small kid in the house; he even accompanies my kids to school in the morning. We have to just murmur, “Harry, school jaana hai?”, and in a flick of a second, we will find Harry at the entrance door, waiting for us to come, with an oh!-what-takes-you-so-long look.
My husband and me have to travel for work so when he sees me packing, he gets upset and follows me everywhere. And once we are back, he is simply uncontrollable. He keeps scratching our luggage till the time we open our suitcase and give him his gift. But we all feel he is our biggest gift.
He is our real 24 x 7 companion, and we all regret the unavailability of good pet parks in our locality, where he can have all the fun and masti.
– Diksha Bhatia, Kolkata

“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Simba and me… in this beautiful world…green grass, blue sky…

Simba and me are inseparable, and true to his Pug spirit, he always follows me, wherever I go. He is a sweet inimitable monster yet an adorable Pug. I named him after “The Lion King” because I always thought him to be our little lion. Simba is a bundle of energy and joy for the whole family. Ready to pounce on any moving or colorful object, he is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.
Pugs are famous for their well-behaved and docile nature, but Simba is an exception. He keeps us on our toes and I feel that he is miles away from being docile.  His quest for food is never ending and for him everything from socks to toys is EDIBLE! He is a powerhouse and that person must be a genius, who can match his enthusiasm for life.
He loves cuddling up next to me and follows me like a lamb. Simba is the love of our lives and we feel, that his ‘no-matter-what-keep-going’ attitude acts as a biggest stress buster for all of us and we all love having him as a part of our family!
– Nidhi

“Paw-Tales” l Sep-Oct 2006

Are dogs jealous?
Where there is love, jealously will naturally make its way, quiet true! This is something that I experienced recently, with my most loved pal – Tuffy. We share a wonderful relationship and spend quality time together and he treats me like his best companion. All was going well, but after I got married, like a small kid, Tuffy started showing all the signs of jealously. My wife tried her best to be friends with him, but all went in vain. He felt as if, my wife was clinching his share of love and affection.
My wife’s sincere efforts turned fruitful after a while, as she herself developed and nurtured a loving bond with him. We gave extra attention, affection and care to him, along with quality playtime together.
Yes, dogs are jealous, especially with a new entrant in the family. Generally they become depressed and in some cases aggressive. In order to overcome this situation, what is required is love, care, affection, pamper…the list is endless. Treat them good, make them feel special, and you and your pooch will definitely never have such issues. Never let jealously spoil the loving pooch bond!
– Ashu Srivastava, Sharanpur

Dogs and Pups, September October 2006 Issue

Dogs and Pups, July August 2006 Issue

“Paw-Tales” l May-June 2006

A golden (ie) transformation… Indeed

I was not an animal lover but Goldie, my Golden Retriever pup has totally changed my life since she came into my life. Today Goldie and I are inseparable and I simply adore her.
Goldie – the beauty queen
Goldie looks gorgeous with a
golden mane, rustic brown shiny coat and a breezy tail. Taking her out for a walk is enchanting for she is the cynosure of all eyes. There are spontaneous queries on how good she looks and what we feed her to produce this effect!
Goldie – the glutton
Goldie loves munching and walloped the cake on her second birthday. She loves her eggs and snacks especially the beef bones and the chicken biscuits. She never ceases to ask for more and get away with it!! With her exquisite sense of smell, she can sniff anything edible from the corners.
Goldie – the miss luxurious
Goldie was born to an all American dad and banglorean mom, and inherited best of both. She loves a luxurious lifestyle – sleeps on an imported bed, uses an aromatic dentapaste and bathes with the most exotic shampoos. She also has a range of brushes and aromatic accessories.
Goldie – the Pollyannaish
Goldie loves toys in all shapes and sizes. Her favourite is the Indian Tenninkoit ring that I got her a few weeks back. She is extremely possessive about her toys and guards her territorial rights. Goldie loves to hangout in the balcony for hours gazing below and barking at her country cousins who dare to cross her visual tadars!!
Sometimes the way she communicates I feel if only she could speak! She has redefined love for me. Everyday I look forward to going home for her unconditional joyous welcome. Goldie is happy go lucky and thrives on love and affection. She offers a new prank everyday. We all love her for that.
– Dr T R Murali, Madurai