Dogs and Pups, Sep Oct 2009 Issue

Dogs and Pups, Nov Dec 2009 Issue

Just fur fun l Sep-Oct 2009

All About My Buddy:
My Name is:Bronessa Das
My Buddy’s Names is: Bruna
My Buddy’s Breed is:Labrador
My Buddy’s Age is: One year
My Buddy is : Female She is adorable
My Buddy’s Favourite Treats :Bread and Pedigree food
My Buddy’s Funniest Habit: Always tries to catch her tail and has a fancy for cats
My Buddy’s First Love : My mother and me
Celebrity my Buddy Resembles the Most : Underdog
Character Certificate to My Buddy will Say : Playful and greedy
A Song to Dedicate to My Buddy :How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
BUDDy and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing with the ball
What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Racing together
What is the Best Trick I Have Taught her : To catch the ball with two hind legs

Ask the expert | Sep Oct 2009

My Lab takes homemade food, please, do let me know, is this diet right and how can I train him?
– Ayush Bissa, Jodhpur

Our research indicated that most home made diets/baby foods fed to dogs in our country are inadequate and do not meet recommended nutritional requirements. Prepared pet foods from reputable pet food manufacturers like Pedigree come with a guarantee of nutritional adequacy, quality and safety. Remember that it is not possible to feed your dog a consistent and adequate home-prepared diet without considerable time, effort, and expertise. It is difficult even for an experienced breeder to prepare balanced diet for dogs. There is no need to feed any supplements like calcium or home diet while he is feeding on balanced food like Pedigree except clean fresh water. Therefore, continue feeding only recommended quantity of the prepared pet food.

Effective training should be a combination of information: what you want the dog to do; motivation: a reason for your dog to do it; and timing: when to reward a good action. Therefore, the most important thing in dog training is to reward good behaviour and ignore unwanted behaviour.

I have an eleven-year-old Labrador – Max, who does not respond to his name or commands. We think he is becoming hard of hearing. What tests can we get done to confirm, if he is going deaf or is there some other problem?
– Suman Arora, Jhansi

Dogs health problems related to advancing years are similar to our own. This might involve deficits in brain functioning, total or partial loss of hearing, eyesight, or sense of smell. Due to these changes, a senior dog may begin to appear to be ignoring commands, appear disorientated or have a reduced appetite. Early detection can help in disease prevention and can minimize suffering. If left undetected, many diseases can put your pet’s health at risk. The best approach to caring for your senior pet includes preventive diagnostics such as establishing baseline blood work, identifying existing health problems and monitoring progress during treatment. Visit your vet who will advise suitable tests for impaired hearing (BAER) and schedule regular health check-ups. Meanwhile, make sure that he is fed on suitable balanced diet that matches his age, dentition and energy requirement.

My 3-year-old dog, Tipsy (Spitz) mated around the first week of June. She had three puppies on the 9th of August at home. All the three puppies did not survive. Could you tell us what possible reasons this could have happened?
– Bijoy, Noida

The failure to thrive in newborn puppies or neonates, known as fading puppy syndrome, can occur from birth to nine weeks of age. The causes of fading puppy syndrome can be broadly put into genetic, environmental or infectious agents groups. Hypothermia, herpes virus infection and maternal neglect resulting in poor nutrition are frequently reported causes. Affected neonates can decline quickly and die, so immediate detection and treatment are keys to survival. Therefore, always observe all the neonates’ behaviour and be on the lookout for key signs. Neonates or puppies that lie away from the group, cry constantly, are restless, or fail to nurse should be examined at once. Timely veterinary attention provides the best chances for saving these neonates’ lives. Because the exact causes of fading puppy syndrome are often not immediately apparent, your veterinarian will initially focus on supportive care and diagnostic evaluation. Your veterinarian will also ask about the dam’s ease of delivery, appetite, diet, vaccinations, mothering skills, and medications, etc that may help to prevent such problems next time.

I have a Doberman who is one year old with an undescented testicle. Please, advise.
– Kumaran, Mangalore

Generally testes in dogs descent to final scrotal position by 2-4 months of age and may occur later in some dogs. The incomplete descent of one or both testes into the scrotum is called Cryptorchidism. This condition is believed to be inherited and is rarely associated with signs of illness. However, the risk of testicular cancer is thought to be approximately 10 times greater in affected dogs than in normal dogs. Castration is recommended practice before four years of age. Breeding of such dogs should be discouraged.

Just fur fun l July-Aug 2009

All About My Buddies:
My Name is: Surajit Modak
My Buddies’ Names are: Xena and Tommy
My Buddies’ Breeds are: Labrador Retriever & Spaniel
My Buddies’ Ages are: One and two years old
My Buddies are : Female (Both are sensational girls)
My Buddies’ Favourite Treats :Chicken and mutton
My Buddies’ First Love :For Xena, it is her red Doggy Saucer and for Tommy, it’s my wife Baisakhi
Celebrities my Buddies Resemble the Most : Xena resembles Bruce Lee while  Tommy resembles Johny Lever
Character Certificate to My Buddies will Say : For Xena—A daredevil who loves to play and have an association with all and for Tommy—Listens instructions and keeps constant watch for outsiders entering the house.
Songs to Dedicate to My Buddies :For Xena — Aa Dekhe Zara, Kisme Kinta Hain Dum and for
Tommy — Hume Tumse Pyar Kitna
BUDDies and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing everywhere, running and visiting places together.
What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Playing, dancing on disco songs and having lunch and dinner together.
What is the Best Trick I Have Taught Them : Giving a welcome reception when somebody enters our home.

Just fur fun! l May-June 2009

All About My Buddies:
My Name is: Vinata Iyer
My Buddies’ Names are: Junior & Buddy
My Buddies’ Breeds are: Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever
My Buddies’ Ages are: 3 years & 2 years
My Buddies are : Male
My Buddies’ Favourite Treats : Chicken
My Buddies’ First Love : For Junior, it is his red ball &  for Buddy, it is me
Celebrities my Buddies Resemble the Most : Junior with Shah Rukh Khan & Buddy with Abhishek Bachchan
Character Certificate to My Buddies will Say : For Junior—very energetic & affectionate and for Buddy—a brat but loving.
Songs to Dedicate to My Buddies : ‘Bachna eh hasseno’ & for Buddy — ‘Come to me’

BUDDies and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing in the garden and swimming
What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Playing in the garden
What is the Best Trick I Have Taught Them : For Junior—Giving Hi-Five & for Buddy—Giving a hug

Just fur fun! l Mar-Apr 2009

All about my buddy
My Name is: Tanmay Kulkarni
My Buddy’s Name: Jhunnu
My Buddy’s Breed: Samyoed
My Buddy’s Age:2 Years
My Buddy is: Female
My Buddy’s favourite treats: Everything that’s Delicious
My Buddy’s first love: All yummy food items
Celebrity my Buddy resembles the most: Tuntun (Uma Devi)
Your character certificate to Buddy will say: A combination of beauty and wisdom
A song you would like to dedicate for your buddy: Mukhda chand ka tukda

BUDDY and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of activity we like doing the most: Playing and eating

What both of us indulge doing on most Sundays: Playing together

What is the best trick I have taught her: come here seat down and shake hand

Wagging welcome to 2009

The new year has begun…with new aspirations and renewed spirits. While some of youEditorialby, Shweta Khuranawould have spent the new year’s eve partying, others would have quietly enjoyed the warm comforts at home. A group of five students in Mumbai had an altogether different new year bash. While they were enjoying a walk after dinner, they happened to see a woman trying to slaughter a puppy as a ritual to gain wealth. The students not only rescued the puppy, but also took him to a veterinary clinic to ensure that the pup gets timely medical aid. Three cheers to these students! What a wonderful way to start the new year!

World over, people are talking about recession and everybody is feeling the pinch but we never thought that our dogs would also face the brunt. In these trying times, a few pedigreed dog owners in different parts of the world have abandoned their dogs as they are unable to bear the high cost of ownership.

However, little do they realise that dogs are our family members and it may be difficult for them to find new homes and adjust there. A responsible ownership demands that we should be prepared to take care of our canines in all situations. These loyal friends need at least this kind of loyalty from us.

Tiertafel (Animal Dining Table), a pet welfare association in Germany has come up with such an innovative concept of soup kitchen for pets where pensioners and those on the dole qualify for free pet food buffet. It thus helps people with no disposable incomes to keep their pets at home. Today, they have 19 soup kitchens across the country, with 30 more in the pipeline. So, let us all come forward and devise ways and means to help families who are unable to keep their pets with themselves. Sparkle gives a loud ‘Woof’ of approval and wishes you all a very Happy New Year.

– Shweta