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All you kiddies out there, we would love to know more about you and your dog. Do write in your poems, short stories or anecdotes of your loving doggy and see them splash here. Here is the checklist of information we would love to have, e-mail it to us at

Just Fur Fun!

All About My Buddy:

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My Name is: Deepti Thakar
My Buddy’s Name is: Bandu
My Buddy’s Breed is: Cocker Spaniel
My Buddy’s Age is: Five years
My Buddy is: Male
My Buddy’s Favourite Treats: Chewsticks, potato, cucumber and eggs.
My Buddy’s Favourite Food: Pedigree
Celebrity My Buddy Resembles the Most: Any rock star!
A song dedicated to my buddy: Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey
My Buddy’s Character Certificate Will Say: Very naughty, loving, adorable and loyal.

(Few of our favourite things)

List of Activities We Like Doing the Most: Long walks, tug of war and catch the dog!
What We Indulge on Sundays: Relax, good food, lots of playtime and long walks, along with rides in car.
What is the Best Trick I have Taught Him: Fetch

Dogs and Pups, July August 2004 Issue

  • Breed Profile
  • Look who’s on teacher’s podium
  • Grooming
  • Health
  • Canine liver disease
  • Organisation
  • Picture perfect
  • Ask the Expert
  • Travel
  • Training
  • Pawtails
  • Save our souls
  • Pawkids Corner

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Sparkling seven!

Breed Profile

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog loving all the way!

Happy, jovial and loving – a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD) craves attention and human company. But, this is not the breed for everyone as they need a master with strong leadership skills. If you have the skills to handle him, bingo…you have an ideal family pet.

Lovable Labs!

One of the most popular dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers not only make excellent companions but are also popular as working and assistance dogs.

Play with Royal Canin
How well do you know your puppy?


Mind your manners!

Don’t blame your dog if he is not behaving right…his behaviour problems can stem from the environment he has been reared in, his socialisation and may be even because of your behaviour with him.


Precious paw care…

Just like our feet need care, our dog’s paws also need to be clean and well. Paws can get cut, scratched, ticks, etc and have foreign objects embedded in them. Here’s how to keep a check…

Angels Together

Rainy Day activities for kids and dogs

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, everything is boring!” Rainy days with stir-crazy kids and dogs can try your sanity. When your kids wail that there’s nothing fun to do, have them try some of these simple games with the family dog.

Is salt really bad for dogs?


Thyroid problems
– Canines get affected too!

Sparkling colourful Seven!

Seven is the basis of several auspicious occasions and things in the world. Be it the wonders of the world; continents; colours in the rainbow; days in a week or basic musical notes. Woof! Seven is surely a great number and as we turn seven this month, we decided to share the positive powers of seven with all our proud pet parents.

Seven ways to make the most of your vet visit

Picture Perfect

FAQs on Osteoarthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, progressive, degenerative and painful joint disease in dogs. Here are a few FAQs on the same.


Shine even when it pours…

Monsoon is a time to enjoy with your doggies. Unlike summers where it’s too hot or the winters where it gets too cold, the rainy season is one of the most enjoyable times for pet parents to spend with their dogs outdoor as long as some rules are followed.

Ask the Experts..


Paws and their stars

Be it bold ‘Khallas’ girl, petite Rajjo of Pinjar or smart Anita of ‘Don – The Chase Begins Again’… we loved Isha Koppikar in all her cameo roles. We saw her act…we love her dance…we like her style…what next. Yep! It’s her great compassion for our furry four-legged friends. Now let’s focus on her dog love only… so all tails up for Isha – a proud pet parent…woof!

Angels Together

A puppy party for kid-friendly dogs

Hosting a puppy party is a great way to help your new puppy begin enjoying and feeling at ease around kids. Puppies under five months old can learn a lot in an easy 30-minute play date. Here are a few tips.



My friend, my mentor… I will always love you!

‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet

Extraordinary pooches


Swim for cure

Did you ever think that water can have a calming, soothing and therapeutic effect on your canine? Hydrotherapy for canines is gaining popularity not just for health benefits, but also for emotional and spiritual gains. Here’s more on this amazing therapy.


Pawsitive grooming

The importance of grooming is well known to keep your pooch good looking and healthy. But not all pooches would take to grooming sessions positively. Here’s how to keep the stress out.

Kids Korner



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