Committed to love, committed to your pooch!!!

January 2011

New Year resolutions

This new year (and all those that will follow), let’s resolve to be as committed to our pooches as they are to us. Since they depend on us for all their needs, it is our responsibility to take care of them in the best possible way. Well, it’s a small price we pay for their unconditional love and care!!!

February 2011

Valentine pooch

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all your loved ones and pooches definitely need to be pampered and loved on this special day. Make the day special for him – take him to a garden – let him romp and play, buy him a gift he loves (a treat or a toy), take him out for a ride – in fact, do whatever you think will raise his spirits high!

March 2011

Colourful ‘Holi’ pooch

Holi is the festival of colours but we all know, colours can be harmful to our pooches. So, how can we celebrate this festival? Well, you can add colours to the life of a pooch in need– that little dog on your street who keeps looking for food in the garbage cans or the big dog that sleeps under your car. Get them vaccinated and sterilized, give them food and clean water – simply bring out the compassion in you!

April 2011

Begin anew

With April comes Baisakhi, beginning of a new solar year, and new harvest season…a day to rejoice! If you wish to bring home a pooch, why not do it now! If you already are blessed with a pooch, spend some quality time with him, pamper him or simply love him.

May 2011

Vacation pooch

Since May marks the beginning of the summer vacations for kids, it is the best time to plan a vacation from the busy and sometimes mundane life. Look for a pet-friendly place and bring home beautiful memories of the precious family time spent together!

June 2011

Summer ‘n’ shine pooch

Summers can be too harsh on the pooches. Take good care of them, give them plenty of water to drink, provide them a cool place to stay, do not exercise them in sunny hours, watch out for symptoms of heat stroke…our responsible pet parents do know how to take care of our pooches!!!

July 2011

Tick-free pooch

With rains come the dreadful ticks and fleas problems. Keep your pooch dry, groom him regularly, remove any ticks you find, consult your veterinarian for an effective ticks and fleas treatments.

August 2011

Best bro pooch

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of siblings. Encourage your children to develop a loving bond with your pooch. Let them treat their pets as their siblings. This love and compassion will go a long way in building your kids as responsible and loving individuals.

September 2011

Canine heroes

The world cannot forget the tragedy of 9/11 (2001) and the role our canine heroes played in rescuing the victims.

Yes, dogs are our best friends and time and again, they prove it all along. Love your dog and cherish the bond you share.

October 2011

Festive pooch

October is the festive month – songs & dance at the famous Navratras & Diwali. Have a dancing twosome pair – you and your pooch and enjoy the festival of lights with care.

November 2011

Celebrating pooch

The last two months of the calendar are filled with a lot of occasions to celebrate – Id, Christmas, New Year, etc. Let your buddy enjoy to his fill, just take care of what he’s eating and pet proof your home at this time as well. Do not leave anything harmful in their reach – the decorations, lights, candles – all need to be put at a safe distance. Enjoy the festivals together, let the spirits be high!

December 2011

Cold but comfy pooch

Your pooches need a lot of care in winter season. Keep them warm, use a dog coat if required. Give them a nice cozy place to sit and sleep. Take care of their food and keep them safe away from chilly winds. Play some indoor games with him, chill out inside homes when the temperature dips!

Ebrahim & Sons – Committed to all doggy needs

Mumbai based Ebrahim & Sons (pet shop), dating back to 1928, claims to be one of the first pet shops in India.  An organisation committed, caring and catering to all doggy needs! An organisation of quality and substance, which identifies the need of the consumer and feels happy in delighting them.

The Ebrahim & Sons pet shop was established in 1928 by Mr. A R Ebrahim, an animal lover and a visionary in pet needs’ identification. At that time, people used ropes for their pets. Only a few imported collars were present. Seeing the demand for collars in India, Mr. Ebrahim began getting collars locally manufactured for its customers. Today, the company boasts of being a one-stop shop for all doggy needs.
Mr. R R Merchant, the second generation owner of the shop told us the reasons why people keep dogs. He informed that some 15 years back, people kept dogs as a status symbol, but now they have pets for others reasons, of which companionship and security are the main purposes. Mr. Merchant, however, narrated some funny reasons for keeping a dog as well. He said that he had one customer who kept a dog to scare away the guests as he had a lot of guests visiting him very frequently!!
In this jetsetting lifestyle, the demand for prepared doggy foods is fast increasing as people find it more convenient and less time-consuming. Personally, Mr. Merchant insists that the pets should be given a mix of home-cooked food, dry food and tinned food.
The pet shop also offers galvanised iron kennels for transportation which are accepted by all airlines. These are customised and manufactured as per the requirements of the customer.
Being in this business for almost 75 years is an achievement in itself. And their major USP is the personal touch they extend to their clients and their innovative ideas. Mr. Merchant believes that the organisation belief was incorporated by his father, who believed that a rich person is a man who has sufficient resources, and if one has in excess, one must give it to others.
“To this day, we follow his teachings and values and are contended with what we have created. My father was always very agile. Even at the age of 75, he used to come to the shop and judge the need of the customer. He even climbed ladders to get the stock for the customer. My father had it all – good health, good mind, wealth and we are here because of his teachings, blessings and love,” Mr Merchant fondly remembered with love and affection.
The organisation completely adheres to quality standards and identifies customer needs.  Their motto is not only to sell a product, but to sell an idea. “Whenever I get a new client, I take time to ask his exact requirements and then bring out a solution for him. An owner takes care of his one or more number of pets, we take care of the needs of over 1000 pets,” added Mr. Merchant. This way, Mr. Merchant knows each of his customers personally.
“We have been successful because of our integrity and selling genuine products. We never force our customers to buy anything that their dogs do not need. In all, we sell the right product at the right time at right price in right place and in sufficient quantities. If something doesn’t sell, we sell it half the price and that is the trick,” added Mr. Merchant. As a value-added service, they also provide home delivery of the products, so that the clients get the products conveniently at home. But Mr. Merchant is of the view that it is disadvantageous for the client as he misses to see the amazing new products available in the market.
The organisation has always been flexible and open-minded to inculcate new ideas. As Mr Merchant puts it, “To conceal ignorance is to increase it. And because of our value system, our customers have faith in us and believe that they will never be cheated.”
Ebrahim & Sons stock both foreign as well as Indian products. Mr. Merchant believes that people are more inclined towards foreign products and do not realise that Indian products are also superior in quality and come with an added advantage of being lower-priced.
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The shop also takes feedback from his customers and extends it to doggy product manufacturers so that they can constantly improve their products. So Ebrahim & Sons is a shop with a difference and personal touch. Only an animal lover can take such extra efforts to provide such intensive solutions for all doggy needs.
As an organisation, they have always tried to delight the customer by fulfilling and exceeding their needs, which has kept them going for the past 75 years and this would certainly take them into future as they are totally committed to all doggy needs.
For more info, contact Ebrahim & Sons at Kwality House, 1-Hughes Road, Kemps Corner, Mumbai-400036, Tel : 022-23805513, 23806278.