Events l Mar-Apr 2014

RACE unpacks exciting pet care products
Bengaluru-based pet care products company RACE launches exciting range of products which include DTICK Spot-on for all sizes of dogs. DTICKEvents 1 Spot-on is a combination of Fipronil and S-Methoprene and this unique combination protects dogs from ticks and fleas by killing all life stages – egg, larvae, pupa and adults unlike any other traditional ticks and fleas control product which kills only adults. RACE also introduces
first-of-its-kind antiseptic and disinfectant wipe called HEXA CLEAN which contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2 percent and CHLODERMA shampoo which contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4 percent effective against bacterial skin infections. RACE, which already has quality product portfolio of Fipronil spray, shampoos and wet wipes, is slated for launching Hair Shining Spray and Premium Shampoos soon. For further details, contact at:

Doggone Fun! at Mutt Hutt, Mumbai
Under The Banyan Tree recently saw a turnout of more than 80 dog lovers as they all made reservations to enjoy a fun-filled meal with their pets. Not only did the furry members of their families relish a three course meal besides them, they also got a taste of pooch pampering through some spa grooming, fun with training, professional petfolios & the works by a team of Mutt Hutt – The Pet Café’s experts waiting to engage & entertain them. Aspiring to make Mumbai a more pet friendly city, Mutt Hutt – The Pet Cafe pops up at different locations to give pet parents the opportunity to hang out with their lovable companions. For more info, contact at:

Buddha Society for Animal Welfare organises free treatment camp
Buddha Society for Animal Welfare (Patna) recently organised a free treatment camp for both small and large animals at Jahanabad district in Bihar. During the camp, stray dogs were administered anti-rabies vaccines and other animals present for treatment included cats, cows, horses, etc. For further details, contact: Dr SP Sharma at: 9835039278 or

Seminar and workshop on Schutzhund in Mumbai
Sachin Raawte Dog Training Institute (Mumbai) organised a three-day seminar and workshop conducted by Janevents Skogster, an international dog training specialist and breeder of Belgian Malinois from Finland. Skogster explained about Schutzhund/IPO tests to identify dog’s suitability for a wide variety of tasks including police work, odour detection, search & rescue, etc. Supported by Royal Canin, Ventura and Quadrapaws Dog Training Equipments, the event aimed at improving the current Indian scenario for the development of dogs and a new opportunity to build for trainers where they can showcase their ability to work and talents within themselves on a international stage. For more details, contact:

A.R.M.Y. celebrates Animal Welfare Fortnight 2014
A.R.M.Y. (Animal Rescue & Maintenance Youth), Rourkela recently organised ‘Colour Your Pet & Zoo Animals’ contest under the Wildlife Awareness & Rescue (WAR-II) programme for Eco Club during the Animal Welfare Fortnight 2014. Also, a pet awareness programme held at Deepika EM School and Gyan Jyoti Public School awarded students who adopted mongrels along with their purebreds. For more information, contact at: 7504038089 or

Myvets Trust organising year-long vaccination campaign
Myvets Charitable Trust & Research Centre is organising vaccination campaign for stray puppies and pigeons for entire year from 18th March 2014 to 18th March 2015 in Mumbai. Main aim and objective of the campaign is to protect stray puppies from rabies and worms, bring awareness for adopting stray puppies and protect pigeons from Newcastle Disease. For further details, contact Dr Madhurita Gupta at: 9619522077 or

Dr Batra’s pet care hospital inaugurated in New Delhi
Dr Batra’s opened homeopathy cum veterinary hospital at Yusuf Sarai in New Delhi. Spread across threDre floors, the hospital was inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi along with Dr Mukesh Batra, founder and chairman of Dr Batra’s Healthcare Group. This new care hospital offers a range of services from blood tests and x-rays to vaccination, grooming, surgical procedures, allopathic and homeopathic treatments and a pet shop. On the occasion, Maneka Gandhi said, “I am delighted to launch Dr Batra’s state-of-the-art pet care hospital, which is India’s first-ever homeopathy-cum-veterinary hospital. For the last eight years, Dr Batra’s has been supporting us by providing free treatment at our Animal Centre in Delhi.” Dr Mukesh Batra mentioned that in the UK, 50 percent of vets use homeopathy in their practice, whereas in India the use of homeopathy for animals is relatively unknown. With the launch of this new hospital together with other facilities Dr Batra’s would be able to treat pets with homeopathy, a safe and effective treatment for pets. For further details, visit:

Events l Jan-Feb 14

National Symposium on Companion Animal Practice and CE (Continuing Education) Program concluded in Mumbai
Sponsored by Royal Canin, the 5th National Symposium on Companion Animal Practice was held on 16th November 2013. Dr Sunita Patel, President, Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM) stated that kidney diseases were on the rise and it is important to spread awareness about the different stages of the disease and treatment. On his keynote speech during the symposium, Dr Larry D Cowgill, professor, Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis, USA focused on chronic kidney disease and educated the veterinarians on various treatment aspects. Dr Sarah Boston, associate professor of Surgical Oncology, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida stressed on therapies for treating cancer in veterinary medicine.

Event 1

The symposium also saw a presentation by Emilie Moulard of Royal Canin who discussed on extensive research which goes into making dog food balanced and palatable. The second day on 17th November 2013, the 12th World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Continuing Education (CE) Program was sponsored by Bayer HealthCare, Hills and MSD Animal Health.


Himalaya Drug Company introduces FurglowUntitled-28
Himalaya Drug Company launches Furglow, a natural fatty acids supplement fortified with vitamin E, zinc and selenium. For further details, log on to:

Pawfect Pet Shop – Bareilly
Bareilly-based Pet Shop is a 25 years old pet corner and has facilities like hostel, training, breeding and others in addition to dog food, toys, kennels, accessories, etc. For more details, contact at: 9917100507.

Royal Pet Shop – Ajmer
Offering a complete range of your pooch’s requirements, a new pet shop named Royal Pet Shop has opened at Madan Ganj in
Ajmer. For further details, contact Sonu Sharma at: 09784625555

IDW – Jaipur
International Dog World (IDW) in Jaipur provides registered pups and has a host of services to cater to the needs and requirements of your pet. For further details, contact Hemant Singh at: 09782422884 or visit:

PROFESSIONAL Range STARTER Mother & PupPedigree
Pedigree has developed customised offerings for pregnant/lactating mothers (female dogs) & their weaning pups with the launch of PROFESSIONAL Range STARTER Mother & Pup.
Saurabh Shekhar, Director Research and Development, Mars India explained that newborn puppies depend completely on their mother’s milk for nourishment. PROFESSIONAL Range STARTER Mother & Pup is nutritionally designed to maximise their genetic potential to grow. Nitin Kulkarni, Director, Corporate Affairs, Mars India said, “In fact, pregnant or nursing mothers have 2-3 times the energy requirements than healthy adult dogs. More protein is needed to nourish the healthy development of puppies. With the launch of PROFESSIONAL Range STARTER Mother & Pup, Pedigree intends to complete its offerings for all life-stages”. It will be available in 10 kg pack across India and is priced at Rs 3,000.

Convention of ISACP in February at Patna
Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice (ISACP) is organising XI Annual Convention and National Congress on ‘Strategy for Canine Heath Care with Focus on Zoonotic Disease’ on 10th -12th February 2014 in Patna. Pet practitioners, clinicians, scientists, medicos, administrators, policy makers, field veterinarians and entrepreneurs engaged in the discipline of canine practice and its management are expected to participate in the convention. For more info, contact Dr VK Sinha at: 09835457521, 09386899716 or;

Ricky rocked the ring!Eukanuba
Hosted at the 13th annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando, Florida, the prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge (EWC)saw 43 elite dogs from around the world – compete against each other for the highly coveted title of ‘Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2013’ and $10,000 prize money. Judge Miguel Angel Martinez selected Ricky as the EWC Champion 2013. Said Ricky’s proud parent-Jason Lynn, “It has been the most wonderful week.” For further details, visit: or

WAG BOX – Gift HamperUntitled-31
Heads Up For Tails (HUFT), New Delhi introduces WAG BOX, a monthly gift hamper filled with full of surprises for your pet. Based on your dog, HUFT team will sniff and dig around the tail-wagging toys, accessories, grooming products and healthy treats just for your pooch. You can choose to subscribe for just one month, three months or six months for this. For further details, visit:

Ectimar Spray by Bayer
Bayer HealthCare is introducing Ectimar Spray for control of ticks, fleas and lice. Ectimar Spray (250 ml) is an effective, environment-friendly formulation which is suitable as an ectoparaciticide for dogs and cats to combat parasites in the pet’s surroundings.
Ectimar Spray can be used on young animals too. For more information, contact Bayer HealthCare at: 022-25311234 or