Energy, excitement and exuberance…

Recently- I met Bakhtawar – a mischievous Lab – all of four months. The moment he Editorialstepped in our house, there was excitement, shrieks, endless energy and tonnes of chaos. Kids were scrambling to entertain Bakhtawar – and our bundle of fun and energy had only one thing on mind – how do I have more fun? Water was spilled from the bowl and our guest of honour merrily plonked himself in it. The amazing part is he would rest – all for 30 seconds – and then become a WHIRLWIND again. He was around the house and we after him. He actually left everyone enamoured, entertained and exhausted. Our Tornado Bakku (that’s what his parents call him) – reminded me of Sparkle when he was about the same age. Sparkle, perhaps, thought that he was a rocket – his main mission was to zoom from one room to another.

Puppies/dogs show us what’s best in life – and simply how to enjoy and have fun each second. So, here’s to our Precious Paws – take great care of them – spend quality time, find the right trainer, groomer, veterinarian…but before that choose your paw-member from a reputed and reliable source.

Summer is in and your pooches need extra care and attention, take good care of his coat. You will need the assistance of a groomer to keep him sparkling.

When it comes to celebrations and good times, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Check out our article titled ‘We like to pawrty’ where one can spend precious moments and mostly have a great time together. Take him out – travel with him… don’t worry, many destinations are now becoming pet friendly. I was pleasantly surprised when a resort near Mussoorie told me ‘PETS ARE MOST WELCOME’… the same question five years back had a different revert. Things are changing fast, so check out the places you wish to visit, who knows they actually welcome pooches. Plan well and carry all the necessary items and just ensure that wherever you go, keep the place clean. If you are relocating to another country- hang in to take assistance of professionals to help your pet relocate – read our articles on Pet Travel.

Today, pampering has so many new ways you can get picture perfect memories framed… there are professional photographers to get the right click.

We at Dogs & Pups are also very excited and happy. Like Sparkle – we are zooming towards completing eight years with our next issue- July-August 2012. It’s been excellent eight years of Responsible Pet Parenting- and with every issue we look forward to making it more informative and interactive. Do join us in our weekly contests on facebook, sniff us on your i-pad, check out different categories on our website, e-magazine, subscribe us online.

A heartfelt thanks from all of us here for making this journey so special with your feedback and appreciation which we receive. Sparkle says, do write in….


“Paw-Tales” l July-Aug 2006

Ginger – a Friend, Partner, a defender…
Pets are wonderful companions and dogs are the best. He is friendly, confident and a faithful comrade. My pet, Ginger, a golden Labrador is a loving, playful dog, true to
his Lab characteristics; he is affectionate and hates to stay alone.
When I come back from school, he greets me with total exuberance. He jumps up and if I am not careful – I can be floored!! His eyes are very expressive and if we don’t give him the desired biscuit, he simply sulks.
The most comical antic of his is when he chases lizards and birds. I only have to say “Lizzi Bizzi” and he goes berserk. He barks and jumps and tries to catch the
lizard, and when he cannot reach it, he reacts comically. His antics always leave us in splits of laughter. He is  a great companion and we all love Ginger.
– Vrinda