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Wagging Happiness!

New Year is a time to rejoice – celebrate the best we have and forget the rest. It is also the editorialtime to count your blessings and all pet parents would thank God for the wonderful wagging delight. They bring so much love and joy in our life that it makes our life worthwhile.

Besides, all the health and therapeutic benefits our pooches bestow on us, there’s something more…they teach us life’s little lessons every day. Have you ever seen a pooch who leaves his plate dirty – food is precious – let’s not waste it? Whenever you have time – take a nap – there’s nothing more refreshing than it. When you go out to a garden in clean air – just sniff the air, take a deep breath – it is so refreshing. Go for a walk – it makes you healthy and uplifts your mood as well. If you want to do something whacky – go on – who cares? And when things go wrong, just shrug them off and forget about it…there’s so much more to look forward to. Most importantly, if you love somebody, express it and look at them with fresh eyes…there would be something you still do not know about them…and if you are not happy with something – express it too…they need to know what is bothering you! And if you have been naughty, how about the cute adorable look that can melt hearts away?

Life is bliss when you share it with your pooch…specially when you see the black nose sharing the pillow with you — one feels blessed! But nature has its own way of teaching things – our little ones grow up in no time and before we know, they are already in their geriatric stage. But this is the time we need to be extra caring about them…they need us more than we need them. Never think of abandoning them at this age…they may not get over with it. Life is a commitment…if you are ready for it…let’s all shout in unison – I do!

With these thoughts in mind, let’s start this New Year with a loud woof to all pet parents and of course our darlings! Sparkle says keep wagging…


Double your happiness!

Winter is the time to snuggle together – you and your tiny bundle of fur. Sit together in aeditorial cosy place, watch a flick and rub his belly for that extra attention you can splurge on him.

It’s also time to welcome new pups in the family. Whether you are adopting a pup or the mommy pooch is expecting a litter of pups – the excitement is infectious…There are hundreds of questions in your mind – how to take care of the little ones, how to take care of the mommy, etc. We know how important this time is for you and for those tailwaggers. In our ‘Puppy Special’ section, you would find useful information on welcoming the puppies in this world. Care has been taken to give comprehensive information on taking care of the mom and her newborns. It’s an exhilarating experience to see those tiny bundles open their eyes in this world–read up here, ask your vet, BE READY!

Winter becomes Merry with Christmas carols and festivities and the New Year fun. Whether you like a quiet New Year or a loud musical one – don’t forget to give your pooch another reason to smile – make his day special by taking him out to the place he loves, gift him a toy or a treat he will love or simply spend some time pampering him.

In the ‘Angels Together’ articles we focus on developing a bond between kids and pets. Kids learn a lot from our Prof PAWS the most important being COMPASSION. So, nurture this special bond and create many magic moments. “The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic.” – Henry Ward Beecher ‘Proverb from Plymouth Pulpit’.

Sparkle and we all wish you a sparkling Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year!

Happy reading and happy parenting!

Dog training

…With some fun & happiness

We love to pamper our pets with treats and toys, but that’s not enough to keep them happy. We should spend quality time with them. Training them for various things can be a best way to keep them busy, active and content

Dogs love human company and enjoy interacting with their pet parents. Training does not necessarily mean

Dog Training

Training session with pooja

Sit, Down, Stay and all the other Obedience Commands. Training can be fun for the pet and pet parent too. Here is a list of simple things to keep your pet busy and hence happy.


Apart from your pet’s natural urge to express himself you can also teach him to alert with a bark when the need be.

Method: Find out what excites your pet i.e. toy, treat, leash (possibility of going out for a walk), doorbell ringing, etc. Tease him with a toy, treat or your action and encourage any sound. Praise him well with a toy or a treat at this stage, praise him if he makes any sound. Continue to do so until he starts giving you a solid bark. Please remember not to promote any wrong behaviour while making him excited.

Kong toy

These boredom-blaster toys are very useful and come in different sizes and shapes. You can stuff your pet’s favourite treats or any other food which he enjoys. Kong toys help keep pets busy and away from any destructive activities in the house.

Get daily newspaper

Newspaper can be a fascinating object for many pets. If your pet loves to fetch his toys, you can teach him to fetch the daily newspaper. Give him lots of praise and offer him his favourite treat every time he fetches the newspaper for you instead of making a mess with it. Such simple acts can be very interesting for the pet parent and rewarding for the pet too. Please note that pets love to shred the paper so roll the paper and put a rubber band on it to make it easier for your pet to hold.

Kids & pets

Pets and kids can be great friends and every pet parent must take efforts to socialise their pets with kids in the neighbourhood. In fact, you will be surprised that all the kids in the neighbourhood will know you because of your little darling.

Fetching dog bowl

Pets love food, make it even more fun for them by teaching them to bring their own food bowl before their meal time.

Method: Use a plastic or metal food bowl which is not too heavy for pets to pick. Start by keeping the bowl in a particular place before every meal. Use small portions of his meal to encourage him to pick it up. Initially you can even throw it and ask him to fetch it as he would normally do with his toys. Flip it on the other side if you feel your pet is finding it difficult to pick it up from ground for a better grip.

Fetching leash

Pets love to go out for walks or to play. Most of them get very excited at the sight of their leash or understand the words ‘Chalo’, ‘Leash’, ‘Walk’, ‘Let’s Go’ etc. You can train your pet to bring his own leash every time he goes for a walk.

Method: Start by keeping the leash at a particular place, closer to the door if possible. Encourage your pet to go out with you and start by throwing the leash for him to fetch it before you open the door. Once he starts enjoying this game of fetch, you can encourage him to fetch it on his own from a particular place.

Open/close doors

Attach a long cloth or rope to the door handle and teach your pet to pull it for opening or closing doors. It’s easy to teach and fun for the dogs.

Method: Teach your pet to tug on a rope or his cloth tug toy. Encourage him to play tug near the door which you ideally want him to open. Get him really excited about tugging game. Now you can attach a small rope to that tug toy or attach the rope to the door handle. Encourage your pet to tug on it while it’s attached to the door. Try to make him stand in front of the door so when he pulls/tugs, the door starts to open. Encourage and praise any right behaviour towards the final goal.

Car rides

Most of the pets love car rides. Teach them to enjoy their rides and behave well in the car. Pets can be great companions and stress busters during long drives.

Tips to follow while training your pooch

  • Always remember to make it all as a game for your pet. Do it with lot of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Find out what motivates your pet i.e. treats, toys (balls/squeaky/ring/tug toy, etc) or your company.
  • Divide the final action in small parts and encourage your pet to learn it in steps.
  • Do not over expect things from them.
  • Always remember to praise (verbal and pats) at the right time.
  • If your pet is finding it difficult to perform something, do not lose your patience. Give him a ‘time out’ and then practice after sometime later.
  • While training your pet remember to teach him the action first. Once he learns it then put a ‘command word’ to it. Do not use the ‘command’ unless he knows the meaning of it.

(Pooja Sathe-Gawande is a qualified professional, trained at Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour and Training, UK.)