Well! I ain’t regular kitty

Muffin, my pet kitty is different…for all the good reasons, for sure. She is our loving furry friend. She came as a small ball of fur to us, when she was just one and half month old. One look at her, and we all fell for her and her cuddly cute antics further made us go crazy about her. We have two pet dogs also and they all share a wonderful rapport, in fact they all are inseparable. Cleo – my pet dog is Muffin’s better buddy and they roam, crawl and glide pawing each other from one room to another. She takes all the pride in drinking water from the dog’s bowl…their camaraderie is unmatched… true partners in mischief. Muffin, like a shadow follows him everywhere…even in the bathroom and they both have developed a habit of sleeping in the bathroom.

Muffin loves water; she skips our eyes and sits under running water, bathing to her heart’s content. Once, she just left us with fits of laughter, when she rushed to the bathroom and got herself completely drenched. Her curiosity is so strong that once she ended up in the toilet pot, luckily it was recently flushed and my brother saw and rescued her. Jokes apart! Our fun loving feline is a well-mannered cat, she sleeps in her basket, knows where the litter basket is and meows when she wants attention…she is a wonderful darling. We are glad to have her in our life.