KPS way to rename your pooch

We all know how important a name is to us, same is with your pooch. Here’s how to make the transition smooth for your dog.

  • Fine to rename: It is ok to rename a dog as he may have bitter experiences with his old name.
  • Select a name: Though it is better to select a name which rhymes with his previous name, but you can choose a name that all family members agree on.
  • Bribe him, literally: Whenever you call him with his new name and he looks at you, smile, praise him and give him a treat.
  • Be consistent: For a few days, be consistent with your praise and treats every time he responds.
  • Never use his old name: Do not confuse him by using his old name even if he does not respond with his new name.
  • Be patient: He will soon associate with the new name with good things.

If your pet comes from a loving family, it is best to keep the name he is used to.

KPS Valentine Pooch!

Love has no boundaries… love is eternal and unconditional…  and so our pooches are pawfect Valentines. Let’s see why.

  • Our pooches are always happy to see us, no matter what, even if we are late from work or elsewhere, they greet us happily at the door.
  • Our smile means the world to them.
  • They are the best listeners and we can talk to them for hours and not once they will show signs of boredom.
  • They can gauge our moods – they know when we are happy and know when we are sad.
  • They are loyal and will be with us in all our ups and downs, illness and wellness….
  • They will remember and recognise us throughout their life.
  • Their love is unconditional – they love us irrespective of anything in return.
  • They never crib and complain – happy-go-lucky chaps – they are truly our lucky charms!

New Year resolutions for a pet parent – the KPS way

As responsible pet parents, we need to be very careful about our pet’s well being. Here are the New Year resolutions every pet parent should take.

Thought for food: Measure all food you give to your pet. Every single treat counts. Give him well-balanced age and breed-specific diet for his healthy well being.

Groom regularly: Keep your grooming tools ready and groom him regularly to keep skin problems at bay.

Keep him occupied:  A bored dog has behavioural issues. Keep your dog mentally-stimulated and occupied. There are lot of toys to keep him busy and happy.

Seek a vet: If you have not taken your pet for a routine check-up for the last six months, do so now.

Adopt a homeless pooch: If you have room for another pet, go for a homeless pooch. Alternatively, you can also take care of a street dog in your vicinity. Get him vaccinated and give him proper meals and a clean place to sleep.

*(The above information is for education purpose only.)

kps way of choosing the pawfect name for your pooch

Bringing home a pooch keeps you on toes for the first few days. You do everything to make the lil’ one comfortable at home. Also, you want a pawfect name for your pooch…everyone in the family comes up with their brilliant idea but before you zero in on a name, here are a few tips to make it easier for you:

  • Pick an easy name – a one or two syllable name is easily recognisable by the pooch. At the same time, it is easy for you to call as well.
  • Do not choose a name which is similar to basic commands like No, Stay, Sit, Come, Down or Fetch. Similar sounding words will make them confused.
  • Similarly, do not choose a name rhyming with a family member’s name.
  • You can choose a name as per his breed characteristics – looks or personality.
  • Do not be too eager to name him right away. See his behaviour for a few days and then choose the one which suits him perfectly.
  • Name should not be age-specific. For example, ‘Puppy’ might look cute when he is young but would look totally inappropriate once he grows up.
  • Sometimes, people tend to pick the names as per popular characters on the TV, movie or a book. If you think it fits your pooch, why not?
  • Never give your dog an embarrassing name… it may sound fun in the beginning but can be awkward when you call him in public places.
  • If you have brought home a pre-homed or shelter dog, retain his old name as he might be comfortable with it.


Kps way to Bust Shedding

Pets shed old, damaged or extra hair from their coat, which sometimes becomes a problem for pet parents. Here’s how to take care of shedding problem:

  • Regular grooming: It is very important to groom your pet regularly. Brushing his hair daily can make his coat soft and clean and less likely to shed. Bathe him as and when required.
  • Choose the right brush: For brushing your pet’s coat, choose a brush specifically designed for the type of coat he has.
  • Proper nutrition: A dull lifeless coat means that your pooch is not getting proper nutrition. Contact our vet for his breed-specific, age-specific nutrition needs.
  • Beware of ticks and fleas: Regular grooming will also help you identify skin infestations. Contact your vet for any infestations.
  • Regular check-ups: Take your pooch for his regular veterinary check-ups.
  • Keeping the place clean: A tape roller can be used for removing hair from surfaces.
  • Vacuum your house: Frequent vacuuming will help you to keep your house hair-free.


Kps way to Bust Shedding

KPS way of keeping your pooch safe in the pool

Summers are a great time to dash into water – it’s a great way to beat the heat. Even dogs love to swim. Here are a few tips to keep your pooch safe in the pool, especially those who are entering the water for the first time:

  • Wait: Never throw your dog into the water. Let him explore it gradually.
  • The bait: Go in the shallow water and call your pooch. Coax him with a treat or a toy. Just remember to keep him within reach. Alternatively, if you have another dog who can swim and is friendly with your dog, let him guide him to water.
  • The right strokes: Once inside water, your dog will start doggy-paddle with his front legs only. Lift his hind legs and help him float. He will understand the stroke and learn to keep his back end up.
  • Show the stairs: Acquaint your dog with the steps in the pool
    so that he may use them, in case he needs to come out at anypoint of time.
  • Don’t overdo it: As we all know, swimming is a great form of exercise. Your dog may tire quickly.
  • Be close to him: Never leave your dog unattended in the pool. Be close to him so that you can help him in case of need.
  • Get a life jacket: Buy a good life jacket for your pooch.
    Have fun!