Labrador for Adoption

Name- kiara



Age- 3-4 months old


Breed- Labrador

Color- black

Description- Kiara was found wondering of the streets in Ashoka Enclave Faridabad. Her right hind leg is lightly shorter than her other legs. She is very active, jumps, runs, eats and plays like any other lab pup. She is up for adoption to a loving compassionate family. Breeders and students please excuse.

Contact at- 9810268665(Voice of Voiceless)

Mix Breed Labrador for Adoption

20140401_084635-1Breed- Labrador-Mix


Description- This Beautiful Labrador is being abandoned by his family after 17 months of care  for the most unbelievable of reasons  – he barks at their new tenants! Counseling them hasn’t helped if we don’t find him a home soon he’ll end up either on the street or in a shelter. His vaccinations are up to date.

Contact at- Shampa Dasgupta, Happy tails adoption


Black Female Labrador for Adoption

IMG-20140410-WA0008Name- Stella

Breed- Labrador

Age- 8 months

Gender- Female


Description- Sterilized healthy & friendly Labrador. Charges incurred for sterilization and vaccination will be taken by welfare volunteer who has rescued him. Genuine dog lovers only contact.

Contract at-Shampa Dasgupta, Happy tails adoption

Golden Labrador for Adoption

IMG-20140410-WA0007Name- Google

Breed- Labrador

Age- 1.25 yrs

Gender- Male


Description- Sterilized healthy & friendly Labrador. Charges incurred for sterilization and vaccination will be taken by welfare volunteer who has rescued him. Genuine dog lovers only contact.

Contact at-Shampa Dasgupta, Happy tails adoption

Labrador Retriever 30: A tailor-made nutrition for a versatile dog

One cannot help but fall in love with a Labrador for his natural affability, the gentle and loyal look in his eye, a solid physique, and a link nature…a Laabrador Retriever is truly versatile! And this pooch needs a perfect balanced food to keep him fit and fine…and Royal Canin’s Labrador Retriever 30 provides a balanced diet.

A Lab’s characteristics…

Labrador Retriever originally belongs to Nova Scotia and they still retain characteristics resulting from the region’s hard climate, an almost waterproof coat, and a natural love of water; a body composition which is very rich in fats (for protection against the cold); and incredible enthusiasm and energy.The Labrador’s performance as a hunting dog, and in particular its outstanding visual and cognitive (memory) capacity, is a result of these natural qualities, enhanced by careful selection by breeders over many years.A perfec diet… Royal Canin’s Labrador Retriever 30 is designed for adult dogs from the age of 15 months, it takes into account all the specific characteristics of a Lab to offer a tailor-made formulation. The nutritional needs of Labrador puppies aged between two and 15 months are met by Size Nutrition Maxi Junior food. You can choose Labrador Retriever 30 from various packs ranging from 3kg to 12kg.

Diet formulation for specific needs…

Nutritional complex for the skin and coat – The skin and coat form a barrier against outside attack and the nutritional complex of this food reinforces this effect. Labrador Retriever 30 provides 30 percent protein level, using high biological value proteins, to contribute to the building of keratin in the hair. Sulphur Amino Acids such as Methionine and Cystine are added. Zinc, combined with Linoleic Acid, aids healing and a shiny coat, while Vitamin A contributes to a balanced production of sebum, which allows the water to bead on the coat. Vitamin B and other nutrients (Niacin, Panthotenic Acid…) and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, reinforce the barrier function of the skin, maintaining the health and shine of the coat.

Weight management – The extreme climate of his birthplace has had an influence on the morphology of the Labrador, favouring the production of fatty mass over lean mass (muscle), this effective protection against the cold makes a rich diet appropriate.

However, in more clement regions, where the Labrador is at the heart of the family, the dog’s appetite has not evolved making the management of diet vital. Labrador Retriever 30 is formulated to control the energy contribution. A protein diet (30 percent of proteins for 13 percent of MG), which encourages lean mass – muscle – to the detriment of fatty mass. Barley starch, which is digested very slowly gives a feeling of fullness and regulates Glycemia, while L-Carnitine mobilises the fats for better use by the body. A large, low-density kibble obliges the dog to chew, he eats more slowly, making him feel full quicker, while brushing the teeth mechanically at the same time. Feed your dog in portions related to his activity and you have a perfectly shaped Lab.

Protecting the joints – The strong bone structure and relatively heavy stature of the Labrador combined with an almost constant physical expenditure can be tiring and puts regular stress on the joints. Labrador Retriever

30 aims to protect the joints by maintaining ideal weight. Chondroitine and Glucosamine help in cartilage renewal and combined with Manganese, fight against the risk of arthritis, while Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids (EPA-DHA) have an anti-inflammatory action.

When a dog expends a lot of energy over a long period, he depletes his energy reserves and the resulting imbalance releases free radicals. By helping the body rebuild its stocks of antioxidants, the oxidative effects of stress can be limited. Vitamins E and C, Luteine and Taurine improve the natural immune defences of the dog.

Preserving the cognitive functions of the Labrador? – The Labrador is endowed with unique faculties, exceptional endurance; enthusiasm for a difficult task; the ability to remember around 50 orders and gestures; and to memorise the landing places of 10 game birds at once and bring them back in the order they landed! Acute eyesight needs to be kept in perfect order – the contribution of Luteine and Zeaxanthine, present in the lens and retina, play a role against oxidative injury. The effects of ageing and behavioural problems are prevented via a complex of antioxidants (Vitamins E and C, Lutein, Taurine).

Hence, Labrador 30 takes care of all the needs of your Lab to keep him in perfect health.

“Paw-Tales” l July-Aug 2006

Ginger – a Friend, Partner, a defender…
Pets are wonderful companions and dogs are the best. He is friendly, confident and a faithful comrade. My pet, Ginger, a golden Labrador is a loving, playful dog, true to
his Lab characteristics; he is affectionate and hates to stay alone.
When I come back from school, he greets me with total exuberance. He jumps up and if I am not careful – I can be floored!! His eyes are very expressive and if we don’t give him the desired biscuit, he simply sulks.
The most comical antic of his is when he chases lizards and birds. I only have to say “Lizzi Bizzi” and he goes berserk. He barks and jumps and tries to catch the
lizard, and when he cannot reach it, he reacts comically. His antics always leave us in splits of laughter. He is  a great companion and we all love Ginger.
– Vrinda