The Lil’ Yoga masters!

Dan Borris is a well-known photographer, widely recognised for his portraitures, which have appeared in many leading magazines as well as used by many corporates. Interestingly, Dan didn’t get into dog photography (other than personal photos of his own dog!) until he started on the Yoga Dogs project. “That was about four years ago… and I’ve learned a lot since then!” he said.

The million-dollar idea…

The idea rolled suddenly. “A friend of mine thought it would be funny to do photos of her and her English Bull Terrier, Otis, while she was practicing yoga. Otis was always sniffing around or licking her while she was in a pose. I laughed and said wouldn’t it be funnier if Otis was doing yoga. That was the beginning,” he shared.

The first calendar…

“The first calendar was the 2009 Yoga Dogs published by Brown Trout in the US. I had sent sample images to them with the idea of making a calendar. They thought it would be great… and it has been! The first shoot I did was with our dog Mela, a yellow Lab-Golden Retriever mix. Alejandra worked with Mela while I shot the photos. We had made a plan for the shoot, and Mela was pretty easy to work with, but of course Mela had some other ideas!” he shared.

The exact pose…

But how does he get the exact pose? “I start with many photos of the same dog. Alejandra gets them as close to a position as possible. We always, always make it fun for the dog and never pressure them. The process of shooting the photos can be pretty funny as you can imagine. I then go to the computer and edit until I find the right combination of shots to make the pose. It’s a long process in Photoshop,” told Dan.

The 2011 calendar…

The 2011 calendar is based on the theme of Yoga puppies and Yoga kittens. It is available for sale at

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to have the pictures of these lil’ performing artists, grab your copy now!

Sippy- my lil’ fella

Sippy--my-lil’-fellaI’ve wondered many times as to how little things in life can carry so much love, joy and most importantly warmth…to enlighten a household that remained cold even during the hottest season of the year…such a house was ours, till July 2006. I remember precisely! It was 6 days before my birthday when the big question was popped up at me as to what I wanted for my 16th birthday and then after a lot of serious discussions the great decision makers of the household lay before me two great options – a mobile or puppy. Somehow the word puppy began ringing in my ears much louder than the mobile phone…so there was no doubt, my decision was THE DOG indeed…but then came the oppositions; my mum and my grandma…and the reminders as to how big a responsibility it was but my decision was firm.

When I came back from school next day, my family members were sitting in the drawing room and my little sis asked me to get ready for a surprise…I could see the fishy smiles on their faces. My mum stretched her arms and gave me a hug…but I was waiting for something else… and then came a small puppy with brown patches around his eyes and a little yellow ribbon around his furry neck. Oh! He was so sweet, I jumped with joy…yippee…I got one. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt, my own little angel…that feeling is still inexpressible, and is the strongest memory I posses.

My Grandma expressed her right to name her new grandchild… like she always did. We all have names with ‘S’ and so did her new grandchild, whom she christened Sippy. And as they say time flies really fast and little fella soon grew into a handsome Mountain Hound. His great looks and unmatched gait make him Aishwarya Rai of the dogs…he’s too cute.

Ever since, the Balachandran household has been ringing with laughter and sharp woofs of joys. He has changed all of us in a better way, we are really happy like never before. It’s the best birthday gift, I could ever ask for! He knows when he needs to be with my dad to relieve him from the stress of office or when he has to be with my mum to bring a warm smile on her face. He licks away my tears, when I feel low. But, he is intelligent enough not to trouble my grandma. Everyday, he bids me ‘bye’ when I go to school and waits for me to be back to welcome me with a warm woof, vigorous wagging of his bushy tail and wet lick on my face. Thank you Sippy, for making my life beautiful.

I wish my honey bun a very happy (belated) birthday (15th July)…he is my guardian angel and I love him the most in this world. Sudha and Sippy.

Grooming your lil’ tail wagger

Your pup looks cute and adorable and you will go to any extent to keep him that way. Regular grooming will not only keep them neat and tidy but will also keep them healthy.

Bringing home a puppy means different things to different people. Along with all the laughter and joy that a new puppy’s arrival brings, there are details like toilet training to take care of, vaccinations to get done, food & chewies to shop for, his bedding to be decided and so on and so forth. Among all these tonnes of things, a lot of times an important issue takes a backseat – grooming, which plays an important role in their pet’s well being.

Benefits of grooming:

Other than keeping your pup clean, comfortable and looking good, hands-on grooming also gives you a chance to inspect him regularly and make sure his skin, eyes, ears and nails are healthy. Grooming also helps stimulate the sebaceous glands that provide the oil that keeps the skin in good condition.

Brushing his coat:

Because grooming is so important, it is vital that you teach your puppy to tolerate it as soon as you bring him home. Even if he is only a fur ball right now, spend time brushing his coat. Practice lifting those puppy paws up and manipulating them. If he learns now that grooming is a part of everyday life, he will be more cooperative when he is an adult. If you wish to send your dog to a professional salon for grooming, that too should be done at an early age. Start with brushing your pup thoroughly twice a day. Short coated breeds are obviously much easier to groom than long-coated breeds. Make sure you brush the undercoat as well as the outer coat. Matts tend to form the most behind the ears and the underbelly and these areas need to be paid special attention to. It is always important to keep a long-haired dog thoroughly brushed. Different kinds of brushes and combs are available at all pet stores, so make sure you get the right kind of brush best suited for your dog’s coat.

Bathing your pup:

Consult the vet about how often to bathe your pup. Puppies need baths less regularly than full-grown adult dogs. Be prepared to be soaked to the skin yourself while you are bathing your puppy. Make sure you have everything you need close at hand before you put your puppy in the bath. You will need a water proof apron for yourself, specially formulated tearless puppy shampoo (available at pet stores), a towel and a hair dryer (especially for the long-haired ones). Pour a jug full of luke-warm water over him, taking care to see that no water goes into his eyes and ears. When you have soaked him completely, rub the shampoo thoroughly into his coat. Use your hands to work up a good lather all over the body, gently talking to your puppy as you do. After this, rinse him out completely making sure that no trace of shampoo is left on him. Let him shake off the excess water and towel dry him as much as you can. If you have a long-coated breed, it would be a good idea to get him used to the sound and feel of a dryer.

Cleaning ears and teeth:

Check your pup’s ears and teeth once a week. Gently clean his ears with cotton wool but never poke or prod into the ear canal. To keep his teeth sparkling and clean and to help him during teething, give him chew sticks, which are also a yummy treat. Get his nails clipped by his veterinarian or a professional regularly. Run your fingers through your pup’s coat everyday to check for ticks and fleas. If an infestation does occur, check with his vet about the kind of tick and flea shampoos best suited for pups. We hope all these tips will help you to groom your pup better. And remember the quality time you spend grooming him will help you establish a closer bond with him.

(Gauri and Urmila at Tail Waggers Pet Salon have been providing pets with the latest and best grooming facilities for the past 4 years. You can contact them at 9820127572 or 022-56067271.)