“Paw-Tales” l May-June-2006

Love needs no words
My two dogs Snowey and Lalu are my most cherished treasures and we all love them for so many reasons. Snowey- a real darling came into our lives five years back and loving Lalu followed him afterwards. Lalu came to us wounded and we provided first aid and medication to him, and instantly mutual bonding developed and we poured him with all our love and care. When my mother was unwell, these two were always by her side like guiding angels. Snowey and Lalu – God’s messengers, always followed her like a shadow. It was because of their unconditional love and care that my mom could recover. I still cherish those affectionate moments. And whenever I am in distress, they somehow sense it and always try to calm me down. Once when I lost my PT scarf, and I was crying, they licked my face and went out to search my scarf and found it. I felt that through their deep gaze, they are trying to say, “Don’t cry dear, we love you”. Their unspoken emotions and care always moves me. The love and affection of Snowey and Lalu have filled our lives with all the joys and happiness of the world. – Trupti Satam