Dogs and Pups, July Aug 2012 Issue


+   Editorial
+   Breed Profile
+   Educating your puppy
+   Play with Royal Canin!!!
+   Seasonal care
+   Health myths busted!
+   Pedigree
+   Training myths busted!
+   Grooming myths busted!
+   Breeding myths busted!
+   Paws and their stars
+   Picture Perfect
+   Inspiring Tails
+   Remembrance
+   Ask the Expert
+   Training secrets
+   Understanding fleas for better control
+   ‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet
+   Kick the ticks!
+   Preserving the genes
+   Book Review
+   Don’t abandon me please!
+   Events
+   PAW’-tales

Dogs & Pups, May June 2012 Issue


Dogs & Pups, March April 2012 Issue

Strengthening this bond of love… with your time
Born to win –American Staffordshire Terrier
Keep dental stress away
Nurturing a bond of love…
How to promote good oral hygiene
Demystifying dominance
‘The groomed’ city pooch
Why do dogs shed so much
The therapist Dr Moosa…
Woofing back to the days of wolves
Picture Perfect
Paws and Their Stars
Wagging secrets revealed!
Never abandon!
BOW WOWs for canine stars!
Ask the expert
Prevention is always better than cure!
‘WAGS’ for the wonderful vet
Emergencies! Be quick, don’t waste time!
Wheaten Terrier make life beautiful!
+ ‘PAW’-tales

Dogs & Pups, Jan Feb 2012 Issue

Wagging Happiness!
Newfoundlands: The life saviours
Incredible but true!
Docking and cropping not to be allowed!
+ Play with Royal Canin!!!
Yummy! I’m loving it!
It’s in his genes!
+ Dining petiquettes!
Obedience & agility by OACI
Gifts for someone you love…
+ Picture Perfect
Acute pancreatitis in dogs
Small is beautiful
Fun at Canine Fest 2011
Ask the Experts...
Paws and their star
‘Wags’ for the wonderful vet
+ ‘Paw’-tales
Thank you Paws!
FAQs on ‘Essential Fatty Acid Supplement for Pets’

Dogs & Pups, Sep Oct 2011Issue

Paw-precious giftsBREED PROFILE
Belgian Shepherds: huge bundles of energyBREED PROFILE
The loyal ones!

Watch out for food allergies…

The Pug –
The Pug – A little bundle of fun…

Pawsome Festivities!

Yes! They are harmful

Chase no more!

Benefits of Mixing Dry and Wet feeding in pets

Angels together
Pooches your kid’s best tutor

Survival tactics for Alzheimer’s disease

National Training Centre For Dogs…






Dine with your canine… in style

Resolving the matt menace


Dog training classes… for pettiquettes

FURtune runners!

Surgery…don’t be afraid!

7 ways to bond with your pooch

Lick, lick, lick stop the habit!


Dogs & Pups, July August 2011 Issue


Sparkling seven!

Breed Profile

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog loving all the way!

Happy, jovial and loving – a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD) craves attention and human company. But, this is not the breed for everyone as they need a master with strong leadership skills. If you have the skills to handle him, bingo…you have an ideal family pet.

Lovable Labs!

One of the most popular dog breeds, Labrador Retrievers not only make excellent companions but are also popular as working and assistance dogs.

Play with Royal Canin
How well do you know your puppy?


Mind your manners!

Don’t blame your dog if he is not behaving right…his behaviour problems can stem from the environment he has been reared in, his socialisation and may be even because of your behaviour with him.


Precious paw care…

Just like our feet need care, our dog’s paws also need to be clean and well. Paws can get cut, scratched, ticks, etc and have foreign objects embedded in them. Here’s how to keep a check…

Angels Together

Rainy Day activities for kids and dogs

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, everything is boring!” Rainy days with stir-crazy kids and dogs can try your sanity. When your kids wail that there’s nothing fun to do, have them try some of these simple games with the family dog.

Is salt really bad for dogs?


Thyroid problems
– Canines get affected too!

Sparkling colourful Seven!

Seven is the basis of several auspicious occasions and things in the world. Be it the wonders of the world; continents; colours in the rainbow; days in a week or basic musical notes. Woof! Seven is surely a great number and as we turn seven this month, we decided to share the positive powers of seven with all our proud pet parents.

Seven ways to make the most of your vet visit

Picture Perfect

FAQs on Osteoarthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, progressive, degenerative and painful joint disease in dogs. Here are a few FAQs on the same.


Shine even when it pours…

Monsoon is a time to enjoy with your doggies. Unlike summers where it’s too hot or the winters where it gets too cold, the rainy season is one of the most enjoyable times for pet parents to spend with their dogs outdoor as long as some rules are followed.

Ask the Experts..


Paws and their stars

Be it bold ‘Khallas’ girl, petite Rajjo of Pinjar or smart Anita of ‘Don – The Chase Begins Again’… we loved Isha Koppikar in all her cameo roles. We saw her act…we love her dance…we like her style…what next. Yep! It’s her great compassion for our furry four-legged friends. Now let’s focus on her dog love only… so all tails up for Isha – a proud pet parent…woof!

Angels Together

A puppy party for kid-friendly dogs

Hosting a puppy party is a great way to help your new puppy begin enjoying and feeling at ease around kids. Puppies under five months old can learn a lot in an easy 30-minute play date. Here are a few tips.



My friend, my mentor… I will always love you!

‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet

Extraordinary pooches


Swim for cure

Did you ever think that water can have a calming, soothing and therapeutic effect on your canine? Hydrotherapy for canines is gaining popularity not just for health benefits, but also for emotional and spiritual gains. Here’s more on this amazing therapy.


Pawsitive grooming

The importance of grooming is well known to keep your pooch good looking and healthy. But not all pooches would take to grooming sessions positively. Here’s how to keep the stress out.

Kids Korner



Just Fur Fun | Dogs & Pups

Please send in your pet’s stories at to get published.

All About My Buddy:

My Name is: Alena

My Buddy’s Name is: Mischief

My Buddy’s Breed is: Pug

My Buddy’s Colour is: fawn with black highlight

My Buddy’s Age is: 4 Years

My Buddy’s Favourite Treat: Banana

My Buddy’s Funniest Habits: He tries to bite and nibble my ear

My Buddy’s First Love: Only me !

My Buddy’s Foods: Rolti and Fruits

Character Certificate to My Buddy Will Say: Sleepy head but loving

BUDDy and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of activities we like doing the most: He loves to sleep by my side as i sing for me.

What we indulge doing on Sundays: Sleep

What is the best tricks I have taught him: To bite my grandfather’s socks.

Dogs & Pups, May June 2011 Issue


Angels together…

Breed Profile

Amazing Akitas!

Large dogs with mesmerising oriental eyes, quiet but intelligent, Akitas form excellent companion animals. An Akita named Hachiko became immortal after he patiently waited at the railway station for his master to return for almost 10 years, oblivious of the fact that his master had died when he was at work. A statue of Hachiko still greets everybody at the Shibuya Station in Japan.

Breed Profile

Truly golden!

A Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds. Charming looks, golden locks, friendly disposition, eager-to-please demeanor – a Golden Retriever has everything you can ask for in a family dog.

A ‘Golden’ diet


I am ‘Me’

If you are not fulfilling the breed specific needs of your dog, you are creating a rift and he may not have a balanced life.

Frightened furry friends@vet

Doggies’ day out at vet’s place is an ordeal for most of the pet parents. But with a better understanding and a few precautions we can make it easier for our furry friends.

Angels Together

Smart dogs for smart kids

Diet for the moms-to-be and new moms

Angels Together

Striking the angelic bond!

Good kids and good dogs will have miscommunications every day. By teaching children and dogs how to interact with one another, we are laying the groundwork for happy, healthy relationships between them.

Summer delight!

Angels Together Summer’s here! The kids can’t wait for the vacations to start, and parents wish they’d never. It’s all fine when the kids come back after a tiring day at school, but how do you match their energy levels when they are unbridled from the burdens of a taxing day at school. Time for Juno, the family dog, to jump in and take matters into his paws.


Observe carefully!

Prevention is always better than cure… you can determine the health condition of your pooch at your home…merely by observation. Here’s how to do so.

Kids Korner

Healthy Bites

Picture Perfect

Ask the Experts..

Dr K G Umesh (MVSc, MSc (UK)) is a Postgraduate in Clinical Medicine. He has been a lecturer in clinical medicine at Vet College in Bangalore for 15 years, and has won the ‘best teacher’ award in the year 2000. He is a member of European Society for Vet Dermatology and is currently working for WALTHAM as Regional Associate for South Asia.


Paws and their star

Pooch love seems to be in the genes. Meet actress Divya Seth who not only shares her profession with her mother Sushma Seth but also her love for pooches.

Watch out for signs of sickness


Dashing pooches: the Drools way


Bon Voyage

This summer, take a vacation with your pooch to a pet-friendly hotel/resort. Here’s how to make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable.

‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet

Dog art connoisseur!

From nineteenth century dog paintings and collectibles to modern day dog art –William Secord Gallery has it all! Here’s more on this pawfect art gallery.


Flea allergy: what a pet parent must know

Fleas are cosmopolitan ectoparasites with a large variety of hosts. For companion animals and humans, Cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) represent the most important species worldwide. Apart from causing flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), the ability of fleas to function as vectors for disease pathogens, such as Rickettsia & Bartonella spp. bacteria, Dipylidium caninum (dog tape worm) and some viral pathogens is gaining attention. Let’s know more about them.


My Adorable baby

They are the world to me



Right diet for mom & pups for a good start

Is your dog expecting or are you waiting for your new puppy to arrive? If so, Royal Canin has developed its Birth & Growth nutritional solutions, specially formulated to make the critical period from birth to weaning safe for your dog and her puppies.

It is very important to take care of the nutritional needs of the mom dog and pups. The five key stages of nutritiontheir life together include:

Gestation (almost nine weeks before birth)

In dogs, gestation lasts around nine weeks on an average. In the first six weeks, the mother’s energy needs are not that high. However, in the last third of her pregnancy, foetal development speeds up dramatically, and her nutritional needs change; this is when she needs a food with much higher energy, protein and mineral levels – but at the same time ingestive capacities decrease. At this stage, she needs to move to Royal Canin’s Starter, a very digestible energy-dense food.


A couple of weeks before the due date, move her to a quiet place, and make sure you have everything you might need ready. By the time of delivery, she should not have gained too much extra weight (around 25 percent above her ideal weight is fine) so that the delivery itself is not too much of a strain. After delivery, feed her Starter ad lib until weaning.

Lactation (lasts 6-7 weeks after birth)

From the first hours of life, the puppies will suckle from their mother who will produce up to three times her own weight in milk over the next 6 to 7 weeks. Her milk is very rich in proteins and fats and to produce it, the mother draws reserves from her own diet. Starter provides the lactating dog with the energy and protein she needs, along with necessary nutrients such as calcium and essential fatty acids.

Weaning (starts at four weeks after birth)

Weaning starts naturally at around four weeks. The puppies’ digestive capacities have developed, the first milk teeth have come through, and milk alone no longer completely fulfills their increasing energy needs. Start off with a ‘porridge’ of Starter, and then gradually reduce the quantity of water or milk replacer until you are just feeding dry food–this is the ideal transition to solid foods.

Growth (after two months of birth)

Around two months of age, a puppy’s growth speeds up and a large-size puppy can have his weight multiplied by 70 within 15 month! Such a quick development requires to provide puppies with a well-balanced formula so that their optimal growth is ensured within the risk of putting on any extra weight. During that period, puppies’ digestive system remains immature and their natural defences are still building up, which is why a smooth transition towards the ‘Junior’ food specifically tailored according to the puppy’s size or breed is necessary.

Dogs & Pups, January February 2011 Issue

Editorial ›

Toast to our loving buddies…

Breed Profile ›

Bearded Collies: fun-loving beautiful chaps!

A Beardie is a winsome, funny, loving, sometimes silly, sometimes pouty, adorable, curious, persistent creature, in short, close to humans. Just be prepared to brush long hair, wet beards in your lap, and muddy pawprints in the wrong places at the wrong time…. Otherwise, they’re like peanuts. You can’t stop with just one.

Right diet for mom & pups for a good start

A-Z of pooch love and care

Canine hip dysplasia

Pedigree ›

The marvels of gravy food

Training ›

IIs your dog a spoilt brat?

Committed to love, committed to your pooch!!!

Paws and their star

Picture Perfect


Ask the Expert..

Grooming ›

Different brush strokes for different coats

As pet parent, we all understand the benefits of having a clean, well-groomed dog not just for our pleasure, but first and foremost for the benefit to the dog. Different breeds have different coats, here’s how to groom different types of coats.

Welfare ›

ARF: Supporting the animal welfare organisations

Paw-tales ›

The Pawfect bond of love…

The best companion…truly said!

Health ›

Taking care of your diabetic pooch

Diabetes in dogs? Yes, they acquire it too…. Diabetes is an endocrine disorder, and like humans, dogs too can acquire diabetes. Once your pet is diagnosed, the pet parent should take complete care. Doggy News ›

Let your canine shine in winter

Training ›

An holistic approach to health and welfare of dogs

An holistic approach is to look at the underlying cause of a behaviour or training problem by looking at the whole-istic health issues of the dog, physically and mentally. Here are a few factors that affect the dog on a daily basis.

Kids Korner

‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet