Wanna understand human social behaviour?

Wanna understand human social behaviour?

…Turn to pooches 

Over the years, we always thought that chimpanzees are the most suitable species for understanding human behaviour. But a new research has proved that even though chimps may share many of our genes, dogs form better model for understanding human social behaviour. And the reason is simple…dogs have been our best friends and have lived with us since time immemorial.

And guess what, we share behaviours like socialisation, cooperation, attachment to people and understanding human verbal and non-verbal communications.

Now pooch cancer can be treated with transplants

Cody, a Golden Retriever, was suffering from lymphoma. But his family did not give up and went for a bone marrow transplant. Today, Cody is hopefully cancer-free for rest of his life. Yes, this treatment has given a new hope to many pet parents whose canines are suffering from cancer as they can be saved by transplant…just like us humans!

Angelina–A true angel!

A female Labrador called Angelina saved her owner Maria Tripodi by knocking her out of the way when roof of their house fell down upon them in Rivoli, Italy. The incident took place when the pet and her parent returned home after a walk. Sensing some trouble, Angelina jumped up and knocked Maria to the ground. When the pet parent picked herself, she watched in horror the roof of their house came crashing down. Angelina felt the tiny tremor too small for Maria or other humans to pick up, according to experts. Angelina knew something was wrong and wouldn’t let Maria set foot over the doorway, a neighbour said.

Life-saviour pooch: Rock-O

We all have heard many incidents where dogs have saved people from potential dangers. Here’s an amazing pooch named Rock-O, a Portuguese water dog, who saves his companion from a deadly product–peanuts. Well, eight-year-old Riley Mers is allergic to peanuts so much so that an accidental slip of a peanut shell on her skin burnt her skin like acid and its mere smell makes her go into hives.

Even a trip to a friend’s house proves hazardous for Riley. She is continuing her education online and attends only a few classes at school. But now Riley is always accompanied with Rock-O who can detect the presence of peanuts much before she can and stops her from entering that area. It thus saves Riley from further peanut-danger. Three cheers to Rock-O!

And the winner is… Charmin!

Sweet and charming Sealyham Terrier named Charmin from Pennsylvania has won the ‘Best in Show’ trophy at the recent Cruft’s Dog Show held in Birmingham, Alabama. Charmin fought his long way from the Terrier category to the victory in the grand show. He beat off six magnificent opponents including a Hungarian Vizsla, a Papillion and a Pharaoh Hound to bag the trophy.

Charmin’s delighted owner Marjery Good said that she was so excited and pleased of being a pet parent of her victorious Sealyham Terrier. Commenting on Charmin, she mentioned that he is such a special dog, a best buddy and by winning Cruft’s trophy he again proved himself.