Veterinarian Views

Dr. Munmun De runs Calcutta Canine Clinic at Southern Avenue, Kolkata and associated with CISF Airport Security Dogs. She is a veterinary doctor of Tollygunge Club. Besides a life member of Indian Society for veterinary surgery, she is a life member of several other professional societies like Indian society for veterinary medicine, Indian society for advancement of canine practice, Indian society for public health association.

  1. When you get a new puppy at home determine where your pup will be spending most of his time because he will be under a lot of stress with the change of environment.
  2. Learn how to provide emergency first aid if your pet is suffering from poisoning, seizures, broken bones, bleeding, burns, shock, heatstroke, choking or other urgent medical problems.
  3. Get a proper diet chart from your vet based on the type of breed. Ensure your dog(s) are up to date on all their deworming and vaccinations.

Veterinary Views, by Dr. Onkar

Dr. Onkar is a veterinarian with over 20 years of clinical experience & an ardent animal lover with varied interests and specializations. He runs his pet clinic & hotel in Thane.


Veterinary Views

Dr. Onkar

1. Refrain from having your domestic help walk your dog as walking your pet is the ultimate bonding experience.

2. There are several diseases that your pet is exposed to, hence vaccinate as per your vet advice regularly.

3. Always take good care of your pet and in return you will get a lifetime of love

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