The Lil’ Yoga masters!

Dan Borris is a well-known photographer, widely recognised for his portraitures, which have appeared in many leading magazines as well as used by many corporates. Interestingly, Dan didn’t get into dog photography (other than personal photos of his own dog!) until he started on the Yoga Dogs project. “That was about four years ago… and I’ve learned a lot since then!” he said.

The million-dollar idea…

The idea rolled suddenly. “A friend of mine thought it would be funny to do photos of her and her English Bull Terrier, Otis, while she was practicing yoga. Otis was always sniffing around or licking her while she was in a pose. I laughed and said wouldn’t it be funnier if Otis was doing yoga. That was the beginning,” he shared.

The first calendar…

“The first calendar was the 2009 Yoga Dogs published by Brown Trout in the US. I had sent sample images to them with the idea of making a calendar. They thought it would be great… and it has been! The first shoot I did was with our dog Mela, a yellow Lab-Golden Retriever mix. Alejandra worked with Mela while I shot the photos. We had made a plan for the shoot, and Mela was pretty easy to work with, but of course Mela had some other ideas!” he shared.

The exact pose…

But how does he get the exact pose? “I start with many photos of the same dog. Alejandra gets them as close to a position as possible. We always, always make it fun for the dog and never pressure them. The process of shooting the photos can be pretty funny as you can imagine. I then go to the computer and edit until I find the right combination of shots to make the pose. It’s a long process in Photoshop,” told Dan.

The 2011 calendar…

The 2011 calendar is based on the theme of Yoga puppies and Yoga kittens. It is available for sale at

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to have the pictures of these lil’ performing artists, grab your copy now!

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