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Toy Fox Terrier Pawfect Pawsome Pooch

They are true terriers who love to do everything with you; strong, sturdy with enough energy to hike with you all day and with just the right amount of toy dog in them so that they are not hyper and like to cuddle.

Don’t go by the size of the Toy Fox Terrier (TFT), they may look small but they are a terrier in a true sense. You will simply love their smartness and playfulness. He is a big dog in a small package. A TFT is also known as the American Toy Terrier or Amertoy.

Strong n’ elegant…

Eager, intelligent and full of interest – that’s how a TFT looks. His dark-coloured V-shaped eyesBreed Profile are bright and clear while his ears are pointed and set high. He is square in shape with his length approximately equal to height while the females are slightly longer. Their average height is around 10 inches and they weigh around 1.5-3 kg. They are muscular and athletic, with short glossy coat. They are found in four colours – tricolour (white body with black markings, black head with sharply defined tan markings on the cheeks, lips and eye dots), white, chocolate and tan (predominantly chocolate head & body spots are chocolate), white and tan (predominantly tan head with tan body markings) and white and black (predominantly black head and body markings).

Sweet demeanour…

Alert, friendly, intelligent, completely loyal and protective to their pet parents, that’s how a Toy Fox Terrier is! They learn new tasks easily and are eager to please their pet parents. Their special capability is their ability to adapt to almost any situation. In fact, like other terriers, TFTs are self-possessed, spirited, determined and not easily intimidated. He is a highly animated toy dog who is comical, entertaining and playful all his life. They are a very small breed, not really suited for really small children but they will get along with them, if the children are not really rough if they are raised or well socialised with children.

Life a pleasure with them…

They are great dogs to live with and will do well in an apartment. They will do everything that you want to do and then they will not hesitate to curl up in front of the TV for the evening with you.

Exercise is fun…

They will usually get all the exercise they need in the house or yard but they love their walks. They love to play throw, retrieve and tug of war. They are easy to train for obedience, rally and agility.

Groom me little…


They need very little grooming. All they need is brushing 1-2 times a week, daily tooth brushing, nail clipping and a bath 1-3 times a year. Since they are a short-haired breed, they shed but not a lot. Hence, maintaining them is an easy task.

Sturdy breed…

The breed has a few problems like thyroid and patellar luxation that should be tested before the dogs are bred. Also check the lines out for allergies or other health problems, make sure you get a health guarantee from the breeder. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder who has done the testing and the dogs have tested clear.

On a concluding note…

They are the Terriers with the most pleasant behaviour and a lovely disposition. If you are looking for some fun in your life, bring home a TFT!

(Karl & Sharon Hager of Kilshans Kennels have been breeding and showing West Highland White Terriers for about 30 years when and then we decided to start looking into some smaller terriers who didn’t take so much grooming and Toy Fox Terrier answered everything that we wanted. We are enjoying showing and training these fun dogs in conformation, rally obedience, regular obedience and agility. They are doing very well and we have several titles in both conformation & rally. We have taught three of our TFTs to paint; we do demos occasionally with them).

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