Virbac celebrates ‘Love Your Pet Day’ with much pomp across India

Love Your Pet Day celebrated on 20th February every year is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the joys of having a pet. For the last several years, Virbac has celebrated this occasion with much pomp across India.

This year too, Virbac left no stone unturned to celebrate the wondrous ‘Love Your Pet Day’ that honours the happiness our pets bring into our lives. As always, Virbac celebrated the momentous day across several veterinary clinics and pet shops pan-India, by putting up selfie stations and heart-shaped balloons at each of these places.
Pet parents all across the country were welcome to pose for pretty pictures alongside their pets at the selfie stations with a choice of selfie props to choose from. Memorabilia of the occasion were gifted to the pet parents as keep sakes. Virbac’s Facebook page was flooded with pictures shared by pet parents posing with their pets as they joyously marked this occasion.

‘Love Your Pet Day’ has indeed become a day that veterinarians now look forward to year-after-year, when their clinics turn vibrant and colourful as they welcome the celebrations with their furry patients and their pet parents alike.