Renee reminiscence


Our doggie friend Renee was so sweet and ever smiling but we weren’t destined to be with her any more. Hit by a fast moving vehicle, she met her end on the same road where we first met and fell in love with her. Me and my friends, who have been guardian angels of Renee, miss her a lot and here is a poem and messages from my friends for the departed soul.

Appeared from nowhere into our lives one day,
Your friendly disposition kept us all happy and gay,
Your cheekiness and your pranks were quite a few,
But all these were from your puppy days due.
We all enjoyed loving you from our hearts,
From children to watchman thought you are a sweetheart.
You wore a smile and conveyed a lot,
Can’t measure all the simple joys we all got.
Oh! Why did God make your life so brief?
To leave us all with tears and so much grief!
I request you all to please be careful while driving as your rash driving can take away precious life of a beautiful and sweet animal.
– Sujaya Jagadish, Bangalore
If ever a dog smiled, it was you Renee. That image
I will treasure for life.
–Tina, Ishita and Nikhil
I’m going to miss your jumping on me. Renee we are going to miss your smile.
– Rijual and Kireeti
Want to see you at the bus stop again.
– Karthik
She used to make my day special. I will remember her forever.
– Rishi
We will miss you every time we drive in and out of
Sobha Apartments.
– Liz, Ashwati, Niki and Leah
Renee was the ever smiling stray dog that all of us fell in love with. She would rush eagerly to meet us every morning on our way to the bus stop. We will certainly miss our enthusiastic doggie darling.
– Kavita and Karthik family