I’m blessed!


Cookie is my name, Playing ball, my favourite game,
I love barking, Be it night, evening or morning.
I am a Boxer female,
With the most expressive eyes and a cute tail
A very long tongue –makes everyone around me tease,
This is our most adorable defective piece.
In my family, I was the first dog to come aboard,
And that’s why I am pampered to the core,
I am loved, spoilt and have been given everything,
That’s why I can get away with anything.
When I came to my parents–I gave them happiness,
But soon my life became a painful stress,
I fell sick but soon recovered,
With all the care and love they showered.
As I grew, my sickness came time and again,
I was operated on now and then,
Life for me was not a pleasurable pack,
My parent often wondered why
I had to go through Hell and back.
But now I am hale-n-hearty,
Had it not been for their care and loving,
To my parent – I’ll always love them too,
For making my journey so beautiful.
No matter what, they all love me,
I’ll always be their darling cookie,
I’ll always be their best companion and a faithful friend,
And I’ll remain like that – ‘TILL MY END’
– Vinita Patil