A page from the diary of a doggone doggy!


Dear Diary,
It’s time to type out my TV trauma. My two-legged parents call it ‘idiot box’. Yet they gather in front of it every night… hypocritical hawks! Grrrhmphhh…! My two-legged siblings call it ‘time-pass’. After all, to not be tuned in to the latest sporting drama is a faux pas.
Coming to the point… My opinion of the good ol’ television…I call it ‘Temptation Island!’ Yes it’s even better than a belly rub! Well…almost…(wag-wag-wag-wag-wag wag-wag…! WAGGG!) Oh no, not because of the latest canine couture on ‘Poo TV’. Not even because of the visual feast on ‘Top Chef’…oooh yummmeaaaah! (Excuse the drool.)
I call it ‘Temptation Island’ because television is like fantasy land…Rather, it is utopia.
I ask you… where else does it rain balls day and night? Add to it…the replays and highlights!
Last month it was the T20 World Cup. Then the FIFA drama showed up. Talk about
topping off the double chicken burger with a splash of ketchup… Not  to forget the Wimbledon mania! (Chicken burger… sigh…back to drooling…hic-hic-hiccup!)
Nowadays all I see are cricket balls, soccer balls, tennis balls…even
golf balls juggling around me! And it’s driving me crazy! C-R-A-Z-Y!
They throw, they fetch. They kick, they catch. They hit, they head bang.
They shoot, they smash. They also trip, slip and crash.
What fun! It sure looks like living heaven! How I wish someone would invent a TV where I could jump in and join the real action… Or maybe even initiate a sporting event called Canine Catch Cup? What say? All those in favour, yell HIP HIP HURRAY.
Or Waka Waka woof woof in your own special way!