Unconditional Love


Love is an abstract word till the
time it is described,
Once spoken or expressed makes the
dull life bright.
It is not just limited to human and flesh;
It can be spread across little animals,
dogs, kittens and rest.
It has no boundaries, no language at all;
It stands loud, fresh, unwithered and tall.
Stretched arms, waging tail,
bright eyes and smiling face;
Can you all guess who could be this ace?
Our love could be conditional,
tired and stressed;
These little pups and kittens
never make us feel even if they are distressed.
Wonderful is the creation of God;
I feel so thankful that he has made them all.
(Dedicated to my two lovely pooches: Scissors and Brownie)
–Sunanda Anubhav Arora