Driving the monsoon blues away the KPS way!

  •  When it rains, exercise them indoors. Play Frisbee or with a soft ball to keep her active indoors.
  • Feed her a fibre rich food. Consult your vet for a balanced diet.
  • Make sure her food is not contaminated with rain water as it can result in food poisoning and gastroenteritis.
  • Give her clean drinking water at all times, it should also not be contaminated with rain water.
  • Do not let her sleep outdoors. Instead give her a warm dry area to sleep indoors.
  • Ensure that her vaccination and deworming status are up to date. Take her for regular health check-ups.
  • There are raincoats available, do contact your petshop for one.
  • Beware and keep a look out for the dreadful ticks.
  • Always clean your dog’s paws after a walk.