Cold care for your feline fellow


Kritika Manchanda
Feeling a nip in the air? Your kitty feels it too. This is winter time and it’s high time to raise your cuddling care for your beloved feline fellow. Let’s look at some winter care tips for your kitty.
In winter, it is quite usual to find your cat cosying in the sunniest spot in the home. It is essential to know how to take care of your cat in winter. The following are some of important pointers to follow:

  • The first and foremost thing, you need to keep your cat indoors as much as possible. No running in the snow or cool breeze. Take her out in the sun during daytime while keeping curtailing outdoor evening play time.
  • If your cat has an outdoor shelter, make sure it is well accommodated, raised off from the ground which needs to be layered extra bedding to keep your pet warm.
  • If your cat sleeps indoor, get her a cosy bed. Your cat’s fur would not be enough to save her from the bitter cold. If you don’t want your pet to cuddle up in your bed (although we don’t think that’s much of a possibility), the cat needs a separate warmer accommodation. The bed which you arrange for her should be lined up with soft bedding to make things warmer and comfortable.
  • Cats do love their surprising frozen treats a lot which is ubiquitous in every pet house, however, giving such frozen things at this hour of shivering season should not be practiced. As it takes a lot of energy for the cat to keep her body warm in winter, and if you give frozen food, things may
    get worse.
  • Don’t forget to keep your kitty engaged and active. Interactive play sessions do the best. Get her toys so that your pet can play indoors in spite of going out. Spend time playing hide and seek or whatever your cat loves to do amusingly.
  • A lot of pet parents think that shifting the litter box to cool dark places like garage, shed or basement is a good idea. On contrary, it isn’t much feasible practice for your kitty, particularly if your pet is aged. The cool dark environment makes your kitty uncomfortable and agitated. You should keep the litter box in a
    warmer corner.
  • A change in the diet plan is recommended for your cat in winter. Monitor her daily calorie intake. Talking to your vet is the best option for a proper diet plan, depending upon your feline fellow’s ever changing needs.
  • Owing to the winter season, the air quality in the house is deteriorated and it can make the pet suffocated and dry. To avoid this, we need to install a working humidifier which can comfort both you and your feline.
  •  If your cat is getting old, suffering from arthritis, then you need to be extra cautious. The bitter cold can pose adverse effect to the inflamed joints that can be painful to your furry buddy. It is advisory to make sure that your kitty has an easy access to fresh water, food and litter box. Also if your cat is finding it hard to settle to a warm and cosy corner near the window, you need to raise helping hands for settling her anxiousness, but be very gentle.Snuggle up with your pet in the winter sun and soak up the good warm vibes. Let her be at home without being affected by cold
    winter weather.