Wagging Happiness!


New Year is a time to rejoice – celebrate the best we have and forget the rest. It is also the time to count your blessings and all pet parents would thank God for the wonderful wagging delight. They bring so much love and joy in our life that it makes our life worthwhile.
Besides, all the health and therapeutic benefits our pooches bestow on us, there’s something more…they teach us life’s little lessons every day. Have you ever seen a pooch who leaves his plate dirty – food is precious – let’s not waste it? Whenever you have time – take a nap – there’s nothing more refreshing than it. When you go out to a garden in clean air – just sniff the air, take a deep breath – it is so refreshing. Go for a walk – it makes you healthy and uplifts your mood as well. If you want to do something whacky – go on – who cares? And when things go wrong, just shrug them off and forget about it…there’s so much more to look forward to. Most importantly, if you love somebody, express it and look at them with fresh eyes…there would be something you still do not know about them…and if you are not happy with something – express it too…they need to know what is bothering you! And if you have been naughty, how about the cute adorable look that can melt hearts away?
Life is bliss when you share it with your pooch…specially when you see the black nose sharing the pillow with you — one feels blessed! But nature has its own way of teaching things – our little ones grow up in no time and before we know, they are already in their geriatric stage. But this is the time we need to be extra caring about them…they need us more than we need them. Never think of abandoning them at this age…they may not get over with it. Life is a commitment…if you are ready for it…let’s all shout in unison – I do!
With these thoughts in mind, let’s start this New Year with a loud woof to all pet parents and of course our darlings! Sparkle says keep wagging…