Obedience & agility by OACI

A platform wherein people who love dogs came together to share their pets’ skills, talents and activities, Dog’s Day Out was a carnival organised by Obedience and Agility Club of India (OACI) on 18th December 2011 in New Delhi.

Dog agility…

Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dog agility was first demonstrated in CRUFTS in 1978 – the various obstacles showcase dog’s speed and flexibility. Ever since dog agility has grown internationally supported by clubs all around.
The Kennel Club, EMDAC in the UK; NCDA and USDAA in the US; ADAA in Australia, etc are some of the leading dog agility clubs around the world.

Boosting obedience and agility…

OACI’s basic aim is to promote activities amongst pets and their pet parents to have fun and bond together. Rajesh Bhatt of OACI says it is very important to do things together, many of these activities help pet parents to communicate better with their canine members. Similarly, the dogs have the opportunity to learn and feel confident.

Some benefits…

Rajesh and Ankit of OACI highlight the benefit of agility training to your dog. They say agility training: Keeps your dog healthy; Gives his needed exercise; Establishes trust & confidence with you; Learns basic obedience and instructions; Develops flexibility; Sharpens his mind; Increases endurance & self confidence; Develops speed & accuracy; Improves communication skill; Allows him taking his own decision, so on…

At the event…

At the Dog’s Day Out, people enjoyed obedience, agility and dog sports including fun-filled Hide & Seek game that nurtured communication, understanding and trust between dogs and their pet parents.

How to play Hide & Seek at home?

  • First, teach your dog ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ commands.
  • Let him stay in a particular spot.
  • You hide somewhere, preferably behind a sofa.
  • After you hide properly, give him a ‘call’ using his name.
  • Choose bigger room space if your dog is a large breed.
  • You cheer him at the end of the game with a treat.

For more details, log on to: www.oaci.in