Gifts for someone you love…

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and our pooches deserve to be loved and pampered on this day. Pet parents go all the way to pamper their dog with luxury items – be it opulent dog house or accessories… diamond studded tiara or collar… designer’s dresses or carriers… the expensive doggy gifts list is endless. Here’s a glimpse of some of the most expensive gifts showered on our darling pooches.

Home sweet home! – A Great Dane owner from Gloucestershire spent £250,000 for a doghouse with all the modern facilities and amenities… like spa, plasma TV sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled dog beds, automatic dog food and filtered water dispensers. Bow indeed a doggies’ paradise!
Crowned canine – Riwin Jirapolsek, a Thai jewellery designer, expressed his immense love for his pet Maltese Terrier by designing a $4.2 million dog tiara. He used titanium and decorated it with more than 100K diamonds and 153K of emeralds.
Sleep well – Who would not love to see our pooches in a lap of luxury? And if he has a special space to sleep…it will bring him more golden dreams. There’s a lucky Mutt who sleeps on his $3000 22K Gold-Thread Pet Mattress made by the Italian company Magniflex.
Collar’s up! – New York-based ‘I Love Dogs’ designers have a great innovation for our pooches. The company has come up with a series of diamond encrusted, most expensive dog collars in the world. This $1.8 million collar is studded with more than 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18K white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar.
Wow bowl – A porcelain bowl…no way! Our pricey pooches would love to have a meal in a golden bowl. And Versace has designed 22K gold leafed Borocco Pet Bowl. Wow! Let’s make his meal fantastic.
Hold me now! – You are ready for a party, your furry friend is looked like an angel and you look stunning as well. But, hold on, you can add an accessory and carry your pooch in style. Go for a Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier for him. They are available in price ranging from $42,000 to $58,000.
Feel like a king – Designer Davis Salmon brings a royal delight for our canines. He designed a series of ‘Pet Pavilions’ based on Louis XVI Style. These pavilions share opulence of Versailles and our pooches would just love to bask in the glory of Royalty.
Cavalli… dress me up! – Designer Roberto Cavalli has changed the way we dress our party animals. He has a wonderful line of pet clothes catering to ‘pooch couture’. It includes satin-trimmed bath robes, silk shorts, jackets and velour tracksuits. So, before dressing our pooch for party…think again…think style.
Sniff! Sniff! – Today’s a doggy’s day out…he wants to feel fresh all day long. So, just sprinkle a fragrance of love… it’s called the Sexy Beast Pet Fragrance. The perfume comes in a Swarovski encrusted bottle engraved with our cute cuddly canine’s name. This fragrance is unisex with a mix of natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils.