Chatty little Singapuras with full of character


Jane Brooks
I have lived with Singapuras for more than 20 years now and life would not be the same without them. They become part of the family and involve in every part of family life. They are intelligent and affectionate breed with unique personality. They easily become a loving friend.
Singapuras do not like to be left on their own preferring the company of their pet parents or another Singapura to share games with. They like to play interactive games with lots of energy and ‘fetch’ is often a favourite. But whatever the human family are doing they like to be part of and many Singapura pet parents will tell you how their cat will sit on the newspaper when they try to read or in front of the television when you are trying to watch it. Or they will get your attention by doing your hair or dropping their favourite toys at your feet insisting that you play.
Always like to be warm
Singapuras like to be warm and have a knack for finding the warmest spot in the house whether it could be a warm lap, on top of the radiator or tucked up in your bed. They also like to be up high and can often be found on top of cupboards or an accommodating
shoulder anywhere that gives them a good view of their world.
Chatty little fellow
Reputed to be one of the smallest cats in the world they are certainly big in personality and are well able to offer an opinion as to what they think as although they have gentle voices some of them can be very chatty.
From Singapore
As the name suggests, Singapuras are originated from Singapore. Historically these little cats were found by Tommy and Hal Meadow in the storm drains and taken back to America where three Singapuras—Tickle, Tess and Pusse became the foundation of the breed. The Singapuras whom we have today are lighter in colour than the original cats, but still only come in one colour known as sepia agouti. The cat was later named as the National Treasure by the Government of Singapore.
Unique look
The large eyes of Singapuras are a brilliant green to yellow colour and are accentuated by dark eyeliner. The brick red nose has a dark nose liner and the face has dark cheetah
like markings. The large deep cupped ears add to their unique look. The under body is lighter in colour and is described as an old or golden ivory. The front legs should have inner leg bars which should not creep round to the sides of the leg and the back knees should have some barring too. They have dainty paws which they use like hands to hold onto toys much like a squirrel.
Forever kitten
Singapuras never seem to grow up and retain a kitten like quality throughout their lives. Life is about exploring and having fun. They love having their photograph taken and
will pose for the lens, being the centre of attention. Once owned by a Singapura life will not be the same without one or even two. They are very addictive. (Jane Brooks is based in England; she has been breeding Singapuras for more than 20 years and smitten by this small breed with full of character.)