Rocker…the rockstar!


Rocker, who’s now eight and a half years old, came to us when he was three months old, though I first saw him when he was just a one-month puppy. That time, when I lifted him, he was just about the size of both my hands, and he promptly fell asleep on my lap. When he later joined our family, he had already grown so much!
Rocker, whose second name I’ve chosen to be Artemidorus (from a Shakespearean play), knows how I feel, understands when I speak to him, responds when I’m “different.” We love to play, talk, go for walks, eat together and roll around on the bed. He’s fond of everyone he meets and loves it when I have friends over.
Rocker had an accident with a motorbike at the age of one, ever since he has had various problems with his left front paw. My dad takes him to the vet regularly and my mum is also very caring and plays with him so he doesn’t get bored. We love our rockstar and are committed to his well being.