Love gets a second chance!


Bucher came into our life when my wife Gitanjali had a miscarriage. To help her cope up with the loss and bring some cheer to our home, I brought home Bucher, a Boxer pup. Though Gitanjali preferred felines, she soon came under the spell of unconditional love of the Boxer pup.
The young furry buddy loved her and followed her wherever she went – in the kitchen, living room, terrace, bedroom, etc. He eventually filled the cavity of loneliness in Gitanjali. But fate had something else in store! One gloomy evening before Diwali festival, we went for a party and someone stole the young pooch. We frantically searched for him the whole night and for so many days…still there was no trace of the lost Boxer pup! Gitanjali felt as if she had lost another child. Furious but helpless, I finally went to a breeder where I found 7-8 smart Boxer puppies playing around. One naughty dude just popped up to approach me and started climbing on me. He was the chosen one for us.
Gitanjali adored the new Boxer and named him Bucher as well. In the initial days, she guarded the young Bucher closely and carried him wherever she went. Butcher even slept with us at night.
Bucher is a smart pooch now and he understands all three languages we speak – English, Marathi and Hindi. He listens carefully to whatever we tell him. And he is the toughest pack leader my locality ever had so far. Having Pedigree in the morning, chapatti in the afternoon and meat at night, Bucher is quite a smart commander among his friends who are really afraid of him for his unique ‘throat catching’ tactic. But ‘Shoot’ is the command he always seeks from me to attack his opponent or enemy!
Our son Veer also loves him dearly, but Bucher is our first child and he will always have that special place in our hearts.